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Sticker Design Studio


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $22.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Play Tested Review

Our testers loved rolling out dots of paint, then pressing a sticker page over the rolled paint to create uniquely abstract designs on the stickers




The roller was the best part because it was fun to do. I think the next time we do it it will be better because the first time I put way too much paint on and it looked a bit mushy. All the colours squished in together but it looked pretty good. We made cool notebooks but could we use it on a shirt? I think we could and it would look really cool but we will have to try it before we say it is great.



I like when I can make things " my own". I have vivid imagination, this craft let's me express it! Pluss, my stuff will look different in my class so no one will touch it ;-)


Jennifer F.

This was a fun kit we did with a group of kids M9, M8, M10, and F8. They really liked using the roller and used it to design cool covers to small notebooks (not included). it inspired lots of creativity and they each made a very unique design. This kit had lots of options - one of the kids wanted a very precise design with two colours and no blending and she was able to do that carefully using the stencils, and adding in some marker once the paint was dry. The other kids were happy to go a bit more free with their colour combinations and liked using the roller and the stencils to make overlapping patterns. The kids who played this here were all around the same age, but I could imagine pulling it out for younger kids and them just doing something a bit more simple - I think what was actually fun was getting these kids off their technology and doing something with a ton of creativity - not a lot of instruction, they each made something very different. We can definitely use it again, and although it is an all in one kit, the paint dried quickly and the kids were able to add extra layers of design using markers and other stickers we had on hand. Two of the kids had learned about Warhol at school and tried to make a similar print that did not work out at all, but they tried and didn't seem frustrated at all. The paints being super vibrant seemed to make everything turn out in a very kid-appealing print! Lots of fun, for a small box it kept a few kids entertained for more than 30 minutes.

Orietta M.

An activity my daughter, 12, really loved to do. She was excited with the results, found it easy to use and just loved to use her imagination to create stickers that looked really amazing on her school binders. Only when the foam stickers dwindled did my daughter lose interest but she was set to go when I found more sticky foam at the dollar store. Once you get the idea how to work with this kit you can continue building on it as I found my daughter using different tools to make different techniques on her final product. I really liked the different tools the kit provided. The patterning design tool was neat as every side had different teeth marks to make different designs on the paper. The foam stickers were neat. I actually realized that the foam stickers I had at home could be used for this activity as well. The stickers adhered to binders really well. I thought providing the kids with the 3 primary colour paint was clever as you can make secondary colours with these and colours are endless. Nice bottles. Easy to refill. An open ended toy, and you can build on it. Some times you just need an activity like this where all the materials are at your finger tips and you just need to get started and this is what this kit does. It also is not gender specific. My son, 9, who is not at all interested in getting his fingers dirty in paint thought using all these tools where interesting and enjoyed the activity for a while too as he made his own sticker.

Marta W.

My daughter (11) has enjoyed the sticker maker so far. The whole idea is unique as it allows one to make their own patters and then transfer those to a sticker which is pretty portable and you can re stick it several times on different items. The instructions are well written and illustrated. My kid like to "figure out" her new crafts by herself and this one was easy to do so. I see many hours of creativity and play. One can also buy additional colours of paint. Make a good play date activity for kids that age. My daughter really likes the sticker maker. It allows her to express herself at her tender age where all she want to be is unique.


Manufacturer Description

Crayola Sticker Design Studio lets you personalize gear with a unique paint & print art technique. Just squeeze a few drops of paint onto the clear gel mat and roll to blend into a funky, random design. Then lay on a sticker sheet to transfer your design and let dry. Decorate book covers, computers, lockers and more!


  • 1 Mat

  • 3 Premier Tempera Paint Bottles (pink, blue, yellow)

  • 1 Roller

  • 1 Multi-Sided Design Tool

  • 2 Stencils

  • 3 Foam Sticker Sheets / 1 Acetate Sheet

  • 4 Blank Repositionable Sticker Sheets

  • 6 Kiss-Cut Design Repositionable Sticker Sheets

  • Design Guide


  • Easy to do out of the box

  • Repositionable Stickers

  • Ability for kids to personalize outcomes (tech gear, school supplies and fashion accessories)

  • Dries within 5 minutes

  • Design guide provides inspiration

  • Works with Crayola Premier Tempera Paint

  • Create custom, decorative stickers