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Sticky Mosaics® Beautiful Butterflies

The Orb Factory Limited

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $16.99

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With convenient self-adhesive foam tiles and rhinestone jewels, Sticky Mosaic projects are a popular diversion, with the bonus of making an attractive wall hanging to decorate a bedroom wall. And with over 2300 sticky pieces, the “extra-large” format of this latest kit is perfect to keep kids happily entertained over several crafty sessions.




I love these butterflies! They are beautiful on the walls! It's so much fun doing sticky mosaics, I just love the shiny stickers and jewels! I could do these every day!



I like how the butterflies shine on my wall in the sun. They look so pretty!



This was a lot of fun to do. I have already done two butterflies. My fingers got sticky after a while. I wanted to go outside and work on it but had to bring the box because the number is not on the back of the sticker pack but only on the box. These butterflies are so pretty and sparkly, I wish they had more jewels.



This is fun! I want to do the jewels. I have to put the right stickers on the numbers to make it look beautiful!



I love doing these beautiful butterflies. they are sparkly and look beautiful on my wall in my bedroom. I finished all the butterflies when I was fighting the flu. it was very relaxing.



I am giving it a five because they didn't give us enough butterflies to do. I think it would be better if there were more butterflies and if they had stickers taht woudln't stick together, because lots of them were sticking together and you couldn't get them apart without ripping them.



I liked it because the stickers was so special because they were so sparkly.



I really liked it because when I had nothing to do or I was bored that's what I did. I kept doing it until I was finished. It was a very good toy to use. And if you ever get any leftovers (stickers) you should really not throw them out, you should make pictures with it or do something really special.


Stacey F.

My three kids (ages F3, F6 and F8) were SILENT and totally engaged for a good hour while working on this craft. My six year old loved it and was self-sufficient while my 3 year old was able to complete it with assistance from my 8 year old (showing her which colours matched the numbers). There were a good amount of stickers leftover that my girls used to make cards and pictures on regular paper.



Sticky Mosaics Beautiful Butterflies are great for crafty 6 year olds. Kept my daughter busy for hours. She loved the bright colours especially the jewels, required no direction and she was very proud to display her work in her room. The cons: If you made a mistake and needed to move a sticker, they don't stick well the second time around. They should have spare jewels and mosaic pieces. I found the hangers to be not well made to hold the mosaics.

Orietta M.


Great for fine motor skills, organizing and matching. This activity is better suited for my girl as she enjoys crafty activities and takes care in making sure they look beautiful.

Tammy W.

It's a great way to spend a rainy day or to keep them quiet for a while! The girls (3 & 5) were in awe of the butterfly designs and colours and couldn't wait to finish them to put them on their walls. As girly as the craft is, Blaze (M7) enjoyed every minute of it as well! He was hesitant at first to sit with his sisters and participate, but having done sticky mosaics from Orb in the past and remembering how much he enjoyed them, he quickly joined in -although he was sure to point out that he would not be hanging any butterflies in his room! The board quality is sturdy, as are the hangers to hang them up. There is an abundance of stickers so the kids never run out and can use the extras as they wish.


Manufacturer Description

These beautiful creatures are spreading their stunning wings and flitting from flower to flower. Follow a simple legend and add sparkling jewels and foam tiles to decorate these special oversized mosaics. Hang these magical Butterflies on your walls for some whimsical décor.

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Product #67373

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