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Sticky Mosaics® KeepSake Boxes

The Orb Factory Limited

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $14.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

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Another great Sticky Mosaics project, especially for kids who love the rhinestone jewels. Very sparkly, because this kit is all jewels - no foam tiles. And, the craft makes three very practical little boxes to store treasures in. 




My sister got a Sticky Mosaics box for her birthday so I was really happy when I got these. Mine are smaller but there are more than hers. I like to keep my jewellry in one box. I keep my shells in the other box. They're so cute. I wish I had more.



I love these boxes, they are soo cute! They are decorated are in my room. I keep different things in each of them. It was a good craft to do. Me and my Mom did it together and it was fun. I like having the boxes now.



I made some very pretty boxes for all my jewellery. I love the sparkely jewels.



I like how the boxes look once I'm done making it and I really like the fairies on them but I'm not very happy when a sticker come off the box. Sometimes they don't stay on very well.



I can't wait to put my treasures in it!!!


Iwona V.

This is the first Sticky Mosaics the girls (5 & 9) have made that is actually practical. My girls enjoy any sticky mosaics and will spend hours finishing their creations, but this one is great because it can be used afterwards. The boxes are beautifully designed, and are big enough to hold my daughters' jewellry and other trinkets. A few of the stickers have fallen off over time, but we kept the extras and just replace them. Very pretty boxes in their bedrooms.

Kim M.


A great, simple and fun craft to do that can be completed quite quickly. I was impressed that the kit came with 3 boxes, which are quite sturdy. Meaghan (F6) loves storing her treasures in them. A few of the jewels have come off (the kit does come with extra's in every colour), but it doesn't seem to matter. A few of the jewels lost their sticky backing before they were placed on the box and were therefore unusable.

Julianne B.


This is a great craft for younger children (under 6). The legend showing what colour jewel goes with what number is very easy to understand. My daughter (5 years) loves little boxes that can hold special things. This particular set came with 3 boxes and a little story about 3 princesses and their special boxes - very cute. My only complaint about this toy is that sometime the sticky part of the jewel stayed on the paper and the jewel was useless. I found a lot of them on the floor.

Sylvie S.


The finished boxes are really cute and could be used as a nice gift box for jewellery or something very small. Aliyah (F5) just loves storing her little treasures in them.

Julie J.


Another great product from Sticky Mosaics, perfect for school aged kids.

Orietta M.


My daughter 7 loved to complete her boxes. She is so proud of them and has used them to store her little treasures. The boxes were easy to complete. It kept her focused and excited to complete them in one sitting. Now she has cute little decorations around her room. Better than buying trinkets that hold no meaning. These masterpieces are special because she made them.


Manufacturer Description

Store your secret treasures in these super sparkly KeepSake Boxes!  Follow a numbered legend and add sparkling jewels to make three special boxes.  Each box features a different Princess along with her special animal friend.

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  • 450+ sparkling jewel pieces