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Sticky Mosaics® Sticker Flip Frame Jewelry Box

The Orb Factory Limited

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $14.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

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Very popular with our testing familes who commented that while there weren't as many mosaics as other Sticky Mosaics projects, the ones in this kit were all extra special - glittering or puffy instead of the usual flat tiles. The best thing bout this kit is that you end up with  pretty jewelry box with a phot frame to disply  special picture. Wonderful project that's highly recommended by our testing families.




I love it, I love it, I love it! I love jewels, I love owls, I love the colours! This couldn't be any better! You can match the eye stickers to the right owls because of their colours. I never had a jewelry box that holds a picture and I put a picture of me and my mom and my sister at Disney world. At first I didn't know where the stickers were because when we opened the box it was just the jewelry box but then when we opened up the jewelry box we found the jewels and stickers.



I really like the colours of this mosaic craft, and the owls are very cute. There are less stickers than in the flat ones I have done before. The stickers are easy to take off the sheet. I like that I can hide treasures in the drawers. I will out a picture in the frame and use to hide treasures!



I liked that it had owls on it since I love animals. I also like that when you're done you can put a picture in it and that you can store stuff in the drawers. I like that the craft is all jewels because the jewels look nicer then the sticky mosaic squares. I did not like that sometimes the sticky stuff on the back of the jewels fell off.



This is my favourite jewelry box. I put my best jewelry in it. I love looking at it and the picture when I go to bed. I love it because it's beautiful! It has extras that you can stick on wherever you want.



I like decorating them with the dazzling jewels and I like that the design of the jewellery box. They should add really, really big jewels. I like that there's a lot of jewels and the big, fat eyeball stickers and nice, colorful wings. I like the colors..


Tammy W.

An amazing jewelry box craft! The girls (5 & 7) love that the stickers were all jewels and puffy stickers instead of the usual flat foam stickers. I like the addition of the puffy eye stickers, it is not something we have seen before with sticky mosaics. The girls liked matching the eye stickers to the right colour of owl. The drawers have held up fine but are still somewhat difficult to open smoothly. It was easy to fit a 4x6 photo in the frame. The photo fits in well and looks awesome! The jewelry box looks great on Ava's dresser.

Sandra W.

Fun toy that kept F6 occupied for a long time decorating it. She was excited at the idea of having her own jewellery box to decorate as she wanted and was able to easily and independently match the numbers (on the colorful and beautiful pattern) with the corresponding stickers. The jewellery box has 2 drawers and the top lid can flip up to be a photo frame. Long term appeal as she likes putting all her knick knacks in little boxes. Instructions were easy to understand. After completing the project, she did not play with it a lot so it is difficult to comment on how durable it is, but it is made of a stiff cardboard so as long as nothing heavy crushes it, I think it would be durable enough for its intended purpose.

Debby W.

After several weeks of opening the drawers, it is holding up well. The cardboard is very sturdy. I think there is great value with this craft: it takes a reasonable amount of time to put the jewels on to give a sense of accomplishment without it being too overwhelming, it is very pretty, and it has the bonus of being able to display a photo. My daughter (5) was drawn to this craft over a choice of two others; one of which was another mosaic. I appreciated the details on the box that give the dimensions for the photo and the box as well as showing an image of a child's hand with a jewel in her fingers. The box also shows the types of jewels as well as the approximate size so you know that some are small. The box is sturdy. This is an excellent craft that gives hours of fun, with a product to be proud of and use after.

Allison M.

This was a fun craft with a useful and pretty finished product. The drawers were handy for storing the jewels in while you were working on the project. My 5 yr old daughter was able to do the craft completely independently. As it was not a messy craft, she kept the craft by her bed and would work on it on her bed. There was no mess to clean up and she would just put everything away in the drawers. She loved that there were eye and wing stickers as well as the jewel stickers. This is a bit different then the standard sticky mosaic as it uses jewel and eye stickers. The eye stickers were the first thing that got used. The owl theme is very cute and colorful.


Manufacturer Description

Not just a jewelry box, tweens will love to pop the top and display a fav photo.

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  • 1 jewelry box with flip up frame to hold 4"x6" photo