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Stitch & Style Pouches


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $28.99

MSRP (USD): $21.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Play Tested Review

A super fabulous activity. Our testers loved that they could style the pouches to look uniquely their own creation. Best of all was crafting something functional and durable enough to use. Fun to do, and kids were proud to learn a basic life skill.




I do not have any sewing kits and this is pretty cool!! I like that I learned how to sew and that there are many different types of pouches to create. I like that it is felty and it just makes me get this really amazing feeling inside.I love the style!! I kind of wish that it came with a thimble.I also wish I could make more pouches.



I like cute little designs, the pouches look funny. It was fun to spend time making one or two with my friend or my mum, but the end of the zipper was hard and difficult to bend inside the pouch to hide it. After making one I used it for my erasers in school and a lot of my friends liked it. They asked me where I got it...



I really like making these mini pillows. They are so cute, and they weren't hard to do. It just takes time. I had to use my good scissors so that the cuts of the the felt where really good. The book that comes with the kit is really good. The instructions are simple and the coloured pages help you if you are confused about how to put your needle or thread. I added magnets to the back of my finished products and I have placed them on the fridge. They are so cute. I gave a few to some friends and we all love them.



I did the gumball machine and the monster, so far. I really liked that there were so many choices as well as different styles (button and zipper) and that you can make 7 different pouches with the stuff in the box and you could even buy more buttons or zippers to make even more if you wanted. This means you could make both the monster and the yeti if you wanted to and not run out of stuff to make them. The instructions were easy for me to follow. Cutting felt is a bit hard because sometimes you still see the pen where you drew and it's hard to make it perfect. If the felt pieces were cut already that would make this even better. I like all the different choices of pouches you can make. Besides the monster and the gumball machine I also really like the zipper emoji and the button cat. I was able to practice sewing and when I was finished it looked really cool. Threading the needle and tying the knot was a bit tough but I was able to figure out how to do it. After I made the pouches I liked to pretend that the monster was eating my animals. I would pretend that the gumball machine was a rocket that looked like a gumball machine and I could put toys in there to pretend they are flying somewhere. I also wish there were more colors of zippers instead of 2 white and 2 yellow. The pictures in the book show other colors of zippers that don't come with the kit.



This is better than most crafts we do because we made something I can use and not just put on the shelf. I made the monster and the zipper is the mouth. I made it look extra crazy because I added eyebrows. I liked that I did a really good job sewing and it is still together. I like there are lots of pieces so I can make another one the same if I want. Twinsie monsters! I did a craft like this but it just made a stuffie but this one I can keep something top secret in. I can't tell you what kids would keep in it because then ALL the parents would know.


Jennifer F.

This was fun! M9 really enjoyed this, he has done too many to have enough left to do with friends but it could definitely be a group activity. Interewst remained high, and if anything we will be purchasing some extra zippers and felt to make more. I would purchase another kit for a group activity. M9 really enjoyed this - especially that it gave lots of fun options for more "boy designs" like a monster. M9 has done a crafty project like this before, although this set required a bit more dexterity. But he was able to complete everything on his own except for cutting the material and threading the needle. It took about 20 minutes for him to read through the options and deliberate which project (purple monster with a zipper mouth). He checked in a couple times with me, but was able to follow directions. His first session was over 2 hours and he stopped for dinner, not because his interest was lagging. The box comes with instructions for multiple projects and the kids can make choices to make this project their own. All the materials are there, but they are really able to personalize and add extra detail if they are a bit older. I also liked that this could work for multiple kids. There are enough zippers and colours of fabric you could use the templates over and over to make a set of pouches. There are only 4 zippers, if you added a few more and some felt you'd easily have enough for a group craft. As M9 and M11 and I were looking over the set our only initial negative comment is that the projects pictured on the front of the box were more in a cute\feminine style and not necessarily something that would have caught our eye in a toystore. However inside the kit the instructions for an emoji case and a monster were very appealing to these testers. Instructions were completely kid friendly. Photographs accompanied the text and most projects are about 5 steps. M9 needed help only with threading the needle and checking with me to see if he had lined up the zipper in the right spot (which he had). In fact, I discovered M9 can sew a straighter line than I can! Great fine motor development. We have fabric scissors which made cutting the felt much easier - and although M9 was able to do this on his won I ended up doing most of the cutting so he would have a smooth edge. I think some kids would need help with the cutting with an average pair of scissors. Was nice to see a sewing kit that really appealed to boys - and M9 did all the sewing on his own.

Sandra L.

Great kit with everything you need to start learning to sew. Attractive small projects that patient kids can manage. F9 was very excited about trying this kit because she has been wanting to learn to sew. The book is great with lots of good ideas for projects to choose from. F9 tends to frustrate easily so we did not get to go through this as quickly as I had anticipated, and she needed help with threading the needle. F9 was very slow at it because sewing is new to her so she would lose interest for awhile and then pick it up again at a later date. I am not sure if it is just because of her, or whether it would be better for a 10 year old.

Marta W.

It was fun & interesting, and I loved the designs and fabric colours. I personally was really into this craft, and like that it uses life skill like sewing in a fun way. I spent some time with my daughter making the cactus (me) and lama (my daughter) pouches before my daughter was joined by her friend to make additional pouches. The pouches are functional and they are being used by Lydia in school. She's used them for a few weeks now and thus far they all score an A for durability. Play dwindled when all the possible patterns were completed. We ran out of zippers but there is a bit of fabric left over so maybe she'll use her creative juices one day to make something else out of the leftover materials.

Orietta M.

This was so cute....my daugheter 11 was so dedicated to completing her little creations. she just loved to sew..didn't realize she had it in her. I think sewing is being creative and this little kit really gives today's youth a great way to show their ability. Sewing is not an art form used a lot, but when given the chance with coolourful materials and the easy way to measure it really helps kids see how this art form is also beautiful. Definitely most appropriate for kids 10 and up as it requires skill with the needle and following the directions carefully.

Allison M.

I really like this kit - it's a variation on the sew mini animals/treats but this time as pouches to store things. My daughter really liked all the different options plus it was nice that there were zipper and button pouch ideas. She had fun playing with the final product and they were not too delicate to play with. They are a good size for storing small toys but also not being too large of a project. My daughter was able to complete all parts of the project - separating the thread, threading the needle, tying the knot, tracing and cutting out the felt, sewing the pieces together. She did require that I sit with her though through the craft to help out since sewing is still new to her and she would sometimes require assistance for different parts. But she was able to do all of the individual steps herself and It was a great learning experience, and good practice for sewing. The price is reasonable in that you can make 7 pouches and buy replacement parts if you want to make even more items. Even though there were only 4 zippers and 3 buttons included in the kit - these are things that are easy to buy at sewing or craft stores so you can make more then 7 pouches if you go and buy some replacement pieces. I like that everything stores nicely in the box so you can keep all the items together for the next time you are ready to make a pouch.


Manufacturer Description

Stitch and style seven felt pouches with button or zipper closures. Choose from 20 charming designs, including a cat with sunglasses, a lemon, a cactus, a puppy, and more. Then pick from seven colors of felt to create the perfect pouch. Use them to stash anything — coins, earbuds, and more. It’s the perfect accessory to attach to your backpack and hold your tiny treasures.


  • 48-page book

  • 4 pages of paper patterns

  • 7 sheets of acrylic felt

  • 3 buttons

  • 4 zippers

  • 15 pairs of precut acrylic felt black eyes

  • 18 noses + 9 cheeks of precut pink acrylic felt

  • 2 embroidery needles

  • 7 colors of embroidery floss