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StoryCraft® Sleeping Beauty

The Orb Factory Limited

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $17.99

MSRP (USD): $17.99

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Like other Sticky Mosaic crafts, our testers loved putting the self-sticking foam, metallic and glittery mosaic tiles on all ten pages of this spiral bound board book. But this kit was especially favoured because in addition to the fun of the craft, kids are also left with a keepsake storybook that they are proud to have decorated themsleves.

This years Sleeping Beauty version is even better designed than the Frog Prince Storycraft book from last year, because unlike last years version where the story text was in a separate booklet, the text appears right on the pages of the Sleeping Beauty book. Even better, our testers loved that the kit includes text stickers in different languages (French, Spanish & German) so you can change the story from English to a different language if you prefer.

The only (minor) disappointment voiced by our kid-testers is that they would have loved the activity even more if it had been the Disney version Sleeping Beauty.




When I am done putting all the stickies then you can read me the story.



I love the book! I want to keep it forever.



I like being able to read to myself in French



I love the sparkles the best!! I like doing all the sparkles first.



"It takes a long time but it's fun to do because I love stickers.


Elyse S.

"Not just another piece of art to hang on the fridge. Easy for a 4 year old to complete themselves, and practical to put away and take out again any time they decide to continue working on another page. It was also very forgiving if a mistake was made, and the stickers could be peeled off and repositioned. Nice and sturdy hard book at the end for the child to read and enjoy the fact that they were part of creating it. The only critiques i have, are that the paper backing did come off with some of the stickers so they were harder to peel off, as well as the fact that some of the larger jewel stickers did fall off after reading a few times.

Susans G.


My twins (4 year old girls) thoroughly enjoyed this toy "together". There was also more than sufficient stickies in case of mistakes or they've simply "disappeared". They were both excited to complete all the pages so that we could finally read the book. I would highly recommend this activity to another parent. Due to the Sleeping Beauty story, it will likely appeal more to young girls.

Tammy W.


Ava (F4) really loved the craft and especially the jewels and wished there were more jewels. She liked completing each page at her own pace and i loved the spiral binding which allowed for more room on the table to spread out the stickers. The story was read once and she didnt seem to want it read again. As much as she loves sleeping beauty, it didnt appeal as much to her as the disney version. She enjoyed the craft part much more and would probably love the toy just as much without the story.

Julie J.


Both girls (4 & 6 years) were very excited to put the stickers and gems on the pages and they like to point out any differences they thought there were between this story and the Sleeping Beauty that they know. Our older daughter commented on the language stickers and was very happy to see that French was included.

Lisa G.


Our daughter Zahra (4)has enjoyed working on this mosaic book for a few weeks now. She does work on it a little each day and we have kept it in the car for our daily commute to school. It is one of the better mosaic kits we have enjoyed but is more useful than others as it is in bound form making it a keepsake for many years to come. She enjoys looking back at her crafty work and refining it will likely be in he future. The pages appear like it could be used again and again. The set comes with a large quantity of gems and foam shapes. It would be a great gift!

Cathy M.


Very fun craft. The multiple pages made it last for several play sessions. My 4 year old daughter was able to stick all the pieces where needed, she only needed help with removing some of the stickers from their papers. Extra pieces included so that if you lose some, you can still complete the craft. Only negative comment my daughter had was that it was not the "real" Sleeping beauty.

Susan G.

The twins (F4) really enjoy sticky mosaic projects in general & this one meets their expectations. The books format is different from the other kits. It's sturdy construction & the twins like to share & do it together so one will do one side of the page while the other completes the other side. Every day they complete a bit of the book but will lose interest & continue again the next day. They can't wait to finish the book so they can read the story!


Manufacturer Description

Every Happily Ever After begins with Once Upon a Time.  Match colors and shapes to bring the classic story of Sleeping Beauty to life.  With 10 pages and over 700 jewel and foam pieces, this craft encourages an early love of literacy and will become a book to be treasured for years to come.

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