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Sumo Ham Slam™


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $23.99

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This is the weirdest game ever! The box doesn't sit very well and you have to hold it while you fight. I like getting the championship wand because then I get to play all the matches. I like to feed the sumos pills. What a weird game!




Sumo Ham Slam is a silly game where you try to knock other hamsters off the board. It's good that the box is part of the board except sometimes it comes out and could ruin the game. I don't like that since the wands are magnetic, they can make it switch hamsters and then you'll just move your opponent's hamster to the side so you can win. I don't like the food pellets because they just fall out of the mouths and you have to put them back in and it doesn't really make the hamster any stronger.



There is a strategy to playing it because when you are fighting you can take over the other person’s magnet. Cool that you get to train them so that you can get better at fighting. Also you get a chance to feed them and when they are heavier they easier to play.



I like the whole idea of feeding the hamsters because you actually feed them and they get heavier, it is just not pretend. When they are heavier, they are harder to move, easier to fight with and harder to knock over. I like their facial expressions because it makes them look like Sumos and that they are fighting. The game is really fun to play.



This is a super funny game. I played with my mom and I would keep my hamster in one spot and she would try to make mine fall and it was hers that kept falling, it was too funny! I like that it is a game with magnets. It's interesting that when you feed the hamsters pellets they get heavier and it's harder to make them tip.


Rebecca Y.


This game is so ridiculous but gave the kids a good laugh. The boys (5 & 6) really got into the fighting (surprise surprise!) and loved feeding their hamsters pellets. I found the hamsters very unstable even when they were 'fed'. They toppled  over a lot and once they were down, you couldn't pick them up again with the magnetic wand. It was innovative that the box became the wrestling ring but it kept flying up and knocking the hamsters and the scoring pegs off. This game would not last long in our house- the pellets would get lost, the boys would be fighting and I would be wishing for a nice quiet card game!

Marc T.


Pretty cool game. Definitely different than anything that we have played before. Physical aspect is cool and yet everyone has an equal chance to play. Cool concept, box well designed. Eating is neat as it changes the weight of the hamster and changes the dynamic of the game. Definitely a game that I would play again.

Laurie T.


It is an interesting game. The physical aspect of the hamsters actually fighting makes the game much more realistic. The magnets are a bit hard to use as it seems that your hamster keeps slipping off his magnet and it is easy to get the magnets attached to each other under the table. Also one strategy we found for winning a round is to knock the opponent’s magnet away from his hamster under the table. As you feed them food pellets, the hamsters got heavier and were sturdier on the table but you still needed to have control of your hamster with the magnet to be able to win a round. Really fun game to play as the physical aspect kept the excitement up around the table and the game went fairly fast.

Marie-Lise H.


They do say on the pamphlet that this is the silliest game they ever came up with...I agree. There is not much logic or strategy. You just either feed your hamster, get him to practice pushing other hamsters over or have a sumo fight. It's all a bit of silly fun and it really struck a cord with Sébastien and his friends ( ages 8 & 9 ). They had a hoot and played quite a few games. Once, Sébastien's hamster was pushed over and one of the food pellets came out of it's mouth, the big joke became that it was because it threw up...boys and bodily function jokes...sigh...


Manufacturer Description

Step into the fierce and furry world of full-contact Sumo hamster wrestling! Using magnetic force, maneuver your Sumo hamster and try to knock your opponent out of the ring. It's a contest of bulk as much as brawn, so feed your hamster every chance you get! Win the most rounds and claim the title of Sumo Ham Slam Grand Champ!

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