Age: 6 years and up

Production Status: In Stores

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Product Reviews

In each of six rounds, players each have a turn to “slice”, or split a group of randomly laid tiles in two. Players then take turns to pick which set of tiles they’ll add to their 3D sword, which is constructed by fitting the slotted cardboard tiles together. The main strategy in the game is where to make your slice, always considering the number of tiles left in each pile, as well as how many matching gems there are, and which group contains the anvil (to determine who gets to choose first in the next round). There are different ways to score points, so a player’s choice of tiles depends on whether their strategy is to make the longest sword, or match coloured gems - either to other gems on the hilt, or to score from the magic cards for this round. It’s a great game, and we love that rather than simply laying the tiles on a board, they’re are used to create a four-sided, 3D sword - which we think makes this game extra fun.


Manufacturer Description

Craft 2D game pieces into a 3D sword! A tile selection and placement board game where each player builds a 3D tableau in the shape of a sword. Compete to forge the finest sword, crafted throughout the course of the game and eventually scored based on its length, quality, and magic. To play, each round you’re allowed a single cut in a grid of sword tiles, resulting in a slash or separation within the grid. After you and your opponents make your cuts, you then select one of the resulting groupings of sword tiles and assemble them into your blade. Gameplay continues until there are no longer enough sword tiles remaining to form a new grid, after which scoring occurs. It is up to you, the Swordcrafter, to strategically select the strongest tiles for your particular blade. Will you aggressively select the pieces necessary to craft the strongest sword, or work to sabotage the creations of your opponents? Swords are held together by a dual slotted sword tiles. Each player starts with a sword hilt and competes to imbue their blade with up to six gem types. The gem types will ultimately determine your sword’s quality and add to your final score. During scoring, players hold their swords in the center of the table to compare length… but length alone will not determine a winner. Sword quality is scored next based on the highest number of adjacent matching gems on one side of the blade. Finally, sword magic is scored based on the highest sum of any two gem types. Only by combining all 3 factors–length, quality, and magic–will you determine the finest Swordcrafter in the land. Swordcrafters is an innovative 3D sword-building game where the player crafts and holds their sword throughout the course of the game. The game utilizes traditional board game components in a new and unique fashion, and features a unique and thematic “I cut, you choose” game mechanic.


  • 91 Sword tiles

  • 18 Sword Magic cards

  • 10 Solo Mode cards

  • 5 Hilt assemblies (5 Pommels, 10 Hilts, 12 Guards)

  • 1 Forge tile

  • 1 First Player token

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 1 Score tracker