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TAGGIES™ Little Taggies

Kids II

Age: 0 months and up

MSRP (CAD): $12.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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Our testing families gave this toy high ratings, although their inafnts' preferences for it seemed to be a pretty individual reactio. Offering the blanket at a very early age is a factor, but ultimately it's really a question of whether your child is inclined to a comfort blanket, and if so whether he/she gravitates to one of these. 

There is a good assortment of patterns to choose from, and these mini blankets offer  two different testures: some of the styes are made fromn a soft fleece. others have a velvety velour feel. And, Each is surrounded by numerous looped tags (5 per side, spaced just over an inch/3 cm apart) for baby to explore and mouth. For infants who enjoy their balnket comforts, this mini blanket-like toy offers the same tactile and mouthing opportunities, without having a full-sized bulky blanket to content with.  



Jennifer L.


When I had my first 2 children, I used to joke that they needed to invent a toy that was completely constructed out of tags because that seems to be the favorite part of any toy for my kids. I was so excited when I saw these and wanted to try them right away. My one year old at the time wanted nothing to do with it which surprised me but I figured that I had intoduced it too late for him to for an attachment to it. Being pregnant with child #4, i decided to hold on to it and see if introducing this blankie earlier on made a difference. Again, baby Logan wanted nothing to do with it. I brought it along on stroller rides, used it to play pick-a-boo, gave it to him at nap time but nothing. He didnt't take to it at all! I was really surprised. The blanket is so well put together, with beautiful colors and textures. Although my kids didnt take to it, I still bought one as a gift. I think this blanket will be a hit for some babies, just wasnt with mine.

Rachel D.


My 9 month old didn't seem so interested in the blanket or the tags. Mostly, my 3 year old daughter used it as a doll blanket.

Brenda T.


This is just day 1, My daughter loved it!! She is 14 months and puts everything in her mouth and liked tags on dolls and other stuffies so I thought she would love it.  It appears to be very wellmade and strong.  It has nice vibrant colors and is pretty soft.  We will have to see how it continues to hold interest in the upcomming weeks/months

Jill B.


I thought she would play with it more- maybe she would have if it had been introduced at an earlier age.  She seems to really like the ribbons, but then quickly puts it down and moves on to something else.  Cost seems reasonable.  Would make a nice gift.  Seems well-made. 

Donna L.


We returned this toy after a few days.

Amandip C.


There hasn't really been much of a change since my last journal.  My son hasn't really showed an interest in this toy no matter what I do.  I tried peek a boo and hiding a block underneath, but he just finds it as a piece of cloth and basically picks it up and moves it to get to other toys.  defiantely excellet colors and love taggies, but for some reason my son was as excited as I was about the toy.

Meagan A.


Overall, I think this is a great toy. My daughter loves the bright colours and textures. I would definately buy this toy.

Nadine L.


My son (5m) seems to have loss interest in the taggies blanket. If I put I few toys around him including the blanket he will grab the other toys before this one. Although I still give him the blanket when he is in his car seat and he likes to hold on to it, the soft texture seems to sooth him.

Caroline S.


My 6 month old loved this blanket.  It is a vibrant orange colour with beautifully designed ribbons on all sides.  He loves to rub the ribbons between his little fingers and enjoys grabbing on to the blanket and occasionally biting on it.  The only reason I did not give it a full 10/10 rating is because they could have done a different attachment on one side (ie plastic ring) to add to the diversity and ability to pick the blanket up.  Overall however, it is a really good little blanket to put in a baby's stroller, crib or on his play mat.


Manufacturer Description

In ultra soft boa, our protable snuggle partner is baby's perfect soothing companion. With 20 birght, engaging and tactile tags around the border, it offers little ones hours of interactive entertainment and comfort. His classic security item nutures with simple opportunities for fine motor sill development and sensory stimulation. Available in a variety of patters: Starry Night (#9126), ABC's (#9127), Hugs (#9128), Polka Dot (#9131), Confetti (#9130), and Full Bloom (#9133).  Measures 12"x 12"

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