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TAGGIES™ Take A Long Homerun

Kids II

Age: 0 months and up

MSRP (CAD): $6.99

MSRP (USD): $6.99

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Rachel D.


Great toy for traveling; it can hook onto the car seat or stroller handle. Toddlers love to stick their fingers into the tag loops.

Donna L.


We returned this toy after a few days.

Nadine L.


Innitially my child looked at the toy, held the toy for a little bit but soon lost interest. I often put the toy on his car sit or little chairs along with other toys, my child prefers the toys that are more colorful. Also, the toy is not long enough for him to reach, most toys that I have to attach to objects are longer and skinnier. Overall, my child does not seemed interested in this toy.

Meagan A.


Well built with a noisemaker inside, which is nice as it keeps baby interested. The bright colours of the tags get my daughters (6m) attention and there is a clip to attach to a stroller or a car seat.


Manufacturer Description

Your future "All Star" will be ready for action with this perfect travelling companioin! Featuring soft fabrics, silky basebal themed tags, an attached teething ring and a rattle inside, it is sure to keep little champs content!

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