Age: 5 years and up

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Our testing families enjoyed this quality memory and deduction game with its double-sided disks, and tokens you earn or pay depending on whether you guess correctly or not. 

The game is beautifully craftd and solidly constructed. Ten cardstock picture tiles feature cartoonish charactures - two each of the 10 Taiga animals: red foxes, porcupines, beavers, snowy owls and caribous. The wooden discs - 10  in all - have a silhouette of one of the five animals on each side - 20 images total (4 each of the 5 animals). The idea is to draw a card and find the animal "hiding" on a token. The rules however are a little vague. As an example, players are instructed to flip a disc to see if it matches the animal card. Does this mean that they can't take a token with the animal showing face up?  

Despite the need to clarify with house rules, this is a unique and enjoyable twist to classic memory. 




It is a really good game. It is fun. I like how the tokens are made of real wood bark. I like when you win a round and you get the card and all the tokens in the circle. The disks are cool because they are 2-sided, usually memory games are just 1-sided. 



It has cool chips that are made of wood. It's like a memory game with a bit more of challenge because the pieces are double-sided.



I like that there are 4 different sorts of animals but I think it would be better with more pieces and more cards and more animals. It would make it better for older kids like me. This game is a bit of a challenge but it's fun and my whole family could play it together!



It's a little boring because you're just flipping tiles the whole time. I like that it's animals because I really like animals. You really need to concentrate to remember where the animals are.



Really fun game.  I thought it was hard to learn but it really wasn't.  I like the wooden pieces that act like money, that is a good idea.  When I look I this game I don't know why but I think of camping.  Oh and the name is bizarre , what does it mean?



I chose this game to bring to school on the last day before summer vacation.  My friends all liked it , it was so easy to learn than anyone could play.



I want to play more often.  It is fun to guess where the right piece is.  I like using the wooden pennies.  I like playing this game a lot.



The animals like to hide but I am getting good at remembering where they are. I like the porcupines the best.


Rebecca Y.


This game was great for all my kids (9, 7, 6 and even my 3 year old)! I was impressed with the quality of the game - the tokens are wood chips and the tiles and the cards are very thick with great pictures. It's a lot more enjoyable than we thought it would be. It's a memory game with the twist of having the pieces double-sided and having tokens that you earn if you guess correctly or give back if you don't. The instructions were very clear which made it very simple to learn and play!

Ann L.


Great game!!  Taiga demands concentration and observation but is also lots of fun.  It is a simple game that does not last to long.  I would buy this game.

Marie-Lise H.


I really like the simplicity of this game, there are no gadgets even the tokens are just little pieces of wood.  The game is solid well designed and fun to play.  everyone has a chance to win either by luck or memory so all ages can play together. I think the more this game is played and it ages from use it would just add to it's appeal and make it timeless.  A game you could pass down to your grandkids.

Jennifer Y.


A simple, yet challenging game. Engaging for my 3 year old, 6 year old, their father and grandfather. I like the cloth storage bag and sturdy wood pieces.


Manufacturer Description


The taiga is home to many kinds of animals. Families of red foxes, porcupines, beavers, snowy owls and caribou live there, hidden in nature. Sarah and Jacob, two biologists, are trying to study them and need to take a closer look. Can you help them find the hidden animals?

In this memory and deduction game, flip the wooden disks to reveal the animals hidden below. Keep your eyes open and remember well your findings!

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  • 10 cards