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Mattel, Inc.

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $74.99

MSRP (USD): $52.99

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"I love this toy so much because the cars go so fast and my sister (4) can play tag with me and then we crash and then the cars fall off and its really funny. We have to charge them a lot.



I liked playing with the track and making the car go fast. I was able to teach my sister (F2) how to do it and she liked watching the car and making the car go. I liked how I could make the car race through the house as well.



I love how fast the cars go around the track. So fast! And the jump, that's cool! It never misses!



The only thing that would make this set more awesome is if it where longer or had more stunts. And if the car had more controls, so that's 2 things but it's still the best race track I have ever had. I made stunts with the car like flips and jumps and stuff and we tried to have collisions. It was fun to have 2 cars so my brother could play too.



It was a lot of fun to play with, I was very good at making stunts, and flips. I even pushed Sébastien's car off the track!, Ha, I won! The car goes very fast and I can use it wherever I want. I can make it run after my dog, that's really funny.



The only thing that would make this track a 10+++ is if it was longer. This race track is totally AWESOME! the cars do tricks in the air, they flip, they soar, I made them one do a backflip. I had a bit of hard time to set it up, there was 1 part I couldn't make fit and my mom had to help. My car was the one that came with the set and the light didn't turn on, I thought it was broken cause the other car we have that was seperate worked just fine, my car, I thougth I had to push the pin in and the light turned on. But then the car still worked. The car is so fast and it even works without the track, I made it zoom across the floor!


Jennifer K.


This was a toy that everyone seemed to enjoy. It was great having the charger act as a place to put the car (made it harder to mis-place the car) and the fact that the track could be taken apart and put together easily (got easier after every time) made it quite convenient for us. My son (M6) enjoyed making the car race around the track and watching the stunts. The only thing is, the novilty wore off quite quickly, but I put that to the fact that his interest in "race cars" and "race car tracks" is getting smaller and his interest is going other places.

Mireille S.


The track is long with an interesting design including sharp turns and an angled dirt track, but the main fun feature of this one is the jump. The track has a large gap in it on the way down the slope, making the cars “jump” to reach the track on the other side. This provides a high level of excitement for kids, and grownups too! Very few track sets offer this much variety. A fun, fast and entertaining track set, just make sure you have room to set up this monster, because it's huge!

Tammy W.

"The cars go really fast on the track and the kids [F4 & M6] love that. The jump works well and when the cars fall off, its the kids favourite part of playing with the toy. The batteries die quick enough, but the toy gets played with a lot. The charge works well and is easy for the kids to hook up themselves. The price is high but its definitely the best hot wheels track we have ever had. The speed is what the kids love most.

Marie-Lise H.

"The RC was very versatile and could be used with the other Hot wheels track we had around the house. Having more than 1 car does make the set more fun since the boys [8 & 10] where able to try and make stunts or try to have collisions. I had some very excited children playing with this track, it was very entertaining.


Manufacturer Description

Allows boys to jump, drift, crash and loop vehicles for the ultimate in extreme stunt action. Once the set is snapped together, the 1:64 scale Total Control Racing™ vehicles can perform donuts, 360s, jumps and even mid-air back flips! Boys will love the sets awesome side by side racing action through four different stunt zones for a challenging competition. Not for use with some Hot Wheels® sets. MSRP $49.99. Available June 2012.

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  • For even more fun, race with a Hot Wheels Total Control Racing Car, sold separately