Age: 7 years and up

Production Status: In Stores

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Our testers love that this quality, eco-friendly cooperative game is so easy to learn and quick to play. Simply draw a card and stack the indicated block as compactly as you can. We love how the game easily adapts to solitary or competitive play.




I like that the box, instructions and all the pieces are made without using any plastic. That's good for the environment. The game was easy to learn and play. I liked that everything fit perfectly together when you were building the tower. I like that it's a game you can play together with other people or by yourself. I do wish that there were more types of pieces like an L piece to make it more interesting. It was a nice short game so you could play just once, or a few times if you had more time. It was good to try and decide if you should stop or keep going if you thought you could get another level or not.


Allison M.

We all really liked that this game was made from environmentally responsible materials and contained no plastic. Great job by the manufacturers for developing this. The wood pieces are well made and satisfying to hold and play with. I love cooperative games and this is a rare cooperative game. It seems the idea of cooperative game is becoming more popular recently. I like that the game teaches about planning ahead. You have to think about how you are going to complete rows in the future as you go and try to plan to not leave yourself in a situation where you can not complete a level. As for the game - the game was slightly complicated to learn with reviewing the rules of placement. As there were not very many types of cards it would have been helpful to show the valid pieces for all types of cards instead of just for 3 types. Also - the rules around mirroring were mostly clear but we had to review them a couple of times. The game itself was a fun challenge. I liked trying to see how well we could do and that you could just keep the cards in order and try again if you liked. It was fun to do it by yourself but more fun with a team since then you could get other's perspectives on what piece would go best. The game was challenging as well for you to determine when you were best off ending the game and not going further (if you felt that there were no more valid pieces available to finish the next level). The game is a quick play and only takes about 15 minutes to play which is a nice length of time. I like the planning and strategy involved. I do feel like after playing a while that the game would be similar to previous times and that you might lose interest in playing. I understand that the game is more expensive because of the wood pieces but it still seems a bit on the high price side.


Manufacturer Description

A pallet, some boxes and a knack for organization. Team UP! is a cooperative and hands-on game that will have you wrapped-up in no time. The concept is simple. Stack boxes on a pallet. Team UP is a cooperative game: you are not opponents, you are partners. The goal is to stack the boxes on the pallet as compactly as possible. The more full layers you stack, the more points you win. A perfect pallet is worth exactly 25 points.


  • 1 fabric storage bag

  • 1 wooden pallet

  • 28 wooden pieces

  • 36 cards


  • Wooden game material

  • A mind game with a fun theme

  • Cooperative game with possibility of competitive play

  • Just as much fun in solo as it is in team play

  • Play the same sequence over again and beat your score