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Temple Connection


Age: 7 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $21.99

Production Status: In Stores

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A very attractive building puzzle. Your task is to use the pieces to construct a path of roads and bridges to connect the temples. Includes 80 puzzles with five levels of difficulty.




I think the temples and bridges are really cute. I like the towers with the upper and lower levels and how you can create paths to either. The puzzle was easy to learn and the instructions were easy to follow. I like that there are different levels of difficulty clearly labelled with a clock picture on the front and on every page. If you needed to look up the answer it was easy to understand the solution. I wish the bridges were better connected. I like to run my finger across the path when it's done and that pushes any bridges down. Also, it would be nice if there was a cover to store the game in with the instructions so it would be easier to bring in the car and so you wouldn't need to store it in the original box.


Allison M.

This is a fun puzzle toy. The Temple looks pretty and when it is connected looks very nice. The puzzle has some additional strategy in that two of the temple pieces can connect at either the upper or lower level so you have to experiment and see which one works for the puzzle you are trying to solve. This was enjoyed by both kids and adults. My kids (F8, M11) have played with other puzzle challenges like this. This one is nice to look at, but I think they enjoyed others with animals or robots better due to the additional imaginative play value of those sets. My daughter (8) did like to trace her finger along the paths but beyond that - there was no additional pretend play on top of the puzzle design. The puzzles were a good level and were gradually more and more difficult. The instructions were easy to follow and determine how to solve the puzzle. The pieces fit together well and are sturdy. I would have appreciated though if there had been a lid so you could make the game more travel friendly and then you could store the puzzle outside of the original box. I liked that the instructions were in a spiral ring binder as that made it better for opening the page to the puzzle you are working on.


Manufacturer Description

Build roads and bridges to link the temples! Can you solve this ancient mystery and place the right roads and bridges on the board to create paths that connect the beautiful temples? Figure out which floors to connect and which puzzle pieces you need to solve the 80 challenges!


  • 3 temple pieces

  • 7 path pieces

  • Building base

  • Booklet with easy to expert 80 challenges


  • Brain teasing fun for the whole family

  • 80 challenges, Easy to Expert

  • Planning, Spatial Insight, and Problem Solving Skills