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Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $21.99

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It is still fun to play. I don't like playing with the 3 different colours, I prefer the same colour because the game is faster and I have to think less.



This game is OK. It is very short, and you can cheat easily if you need a straight line, by just tilting the cube with the balls in it. The marbles go in the same position often



i like that there are different games since then it is more exciting to play more than one game in a row because they are a bit different. after a little while though the game does get a bit boring since you are doing mostly the same thing in the different games just doing it a bit differently. every time my sister and i played the version of getting the colors in a row (which is the most fun game) we got the same score!!!! it was kind of annoying since i wanted to win!


Marie-Lise H.

Great thinking game... My whole family fell in love with it. My youngest (M9) can play against his grandfather and he still can win. We started off at the easy level (3 marbles the same colour) and I was getting bored, then I tried the harder level (3 different marbles everytime, to get points for every trio made) much more fun for me. I could play with my son (9) and if he wanted to do the easy level, I could still do the harder level, it didn't change anything in our game. Sometimes the kids (M9, F10, M11, F13) like doing the easy level as the game is quicker, if they have more time, they up the challenge.

Rebecca Y.


A very quick game, which makes you think. The kids (F12, M9, M8) enjoyed playing it and trying to figure out where to put the marbles so that they wouldn't be stuck in the end. It's a great strategy game, but once you get to the last few turns, it's just luck, though you may have had a good setup.

Ann L.


This game not very exciting,I was very dissapointed. It is a game you play against someone but every game I played ended as equal. Even the variation games are not very exiting. If I play alone I always finish with three marbles, always!!!


Manufacturer Description

How to Play

Outwit and outplace your opponent in this clever game of marble maneuvers. Take turns placing sets of three marbles onto your board according to the pattern in the shaker. Starts off easy but you’ll need a keen eye and a bit of luck to make everything fit. Fill your board before your opponent and you clearly know how to mind your marbles!

Enhances the following skills: Spatial Relations, Fine Motor Skills, Visual Discrimination

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