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The 7 Habits of Happy Kids Games

Educational Insights, Inc.

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $32.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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This was one of my favourite boardgames. I liked to play with my sister and my friends - we had to do some silly stuff.



It was hard to come up with answers for the questions.



I like the idea of this game. I liked collecting tokens. I didn't like landing on the blank spaces because you had to tell about what you do with your family and I ran out of ideas...I landed on them a lot. It's a fun game to play with my family or my friends and I would recommend it to them.



I like this game a lot because we play with it only with our family. I really have to think about the answers and mommy always wants me to explain myself. for example, I have to tell her who is a good listener and why daddy is so good at that...then mommy asks why she is not as good. I don't want to hurt her feelings but we have to tell the truth with this game. That's what makes it kind of fun.


Iwona V.

I had never heard of the book by the same name, so wasn't sure what to expect from this game or how educational it would be. I was surprised that my daughter (9) and her friend (9) played the game to the end, and said they enjoyed it. No problems reading or understanding the instructions. Jessica (5) did leave the game early, but I think she's a bit young for it anyways. I asked my older daughter if she understood all the lessons that the game was trying to teach her, and she said yes. It's a very easy game to play, not incredibly exciting, but the girls seemed to like playing it.

Jennifer Y.


This game is well-designed, well-made and has interesting features...token collector, different characters...but the kids (M7 and F4)and I just didn't have that much fun playing. It seems a bit contrived and forces the 7 habits. It is difficult to come up with unique answers for similar scenarios. Maybe it would be better for a classroom, girl guide troop...?

Stacey F.


The kids' interest in this game waned after the first few weeks. I think the idea of the game is a good one, but after a few plays games the kids [F5 & F7] were having difficulty coming up with new answers. From the get-go the game was more about winning tokens for the kids than about the adult message intended (sharing, caring, good choices, life lessons/social skills). I think this would be a nice game for children's social skills groups, but not so much a keeper for our family.


Manufacturer Description


A playful way to introduce, practice, and promote 7 kid-friendly principles of personal happiness. Share thoughtful, personal responses, and really listen to each other in this family-friendly game that includes game board, 7 character pieces, 7 token holders, 7 sets of tokens, 12 Wild Ernie tokens, and 1 pair of “Ear-Resistable” Jumper Rabbit ears.

How to Play

1.         Players choose their playing pieces – characters are from the best-selling 7 Habits of Happy Kids                   books!

2.         Take turns reading cards, responding, and moving around the board to collect tokens for each of the             7 Habits.

3.         The first player to fill his or her token holder with 7 tokens becomes the card reader.

4.         Play continues until all players have filled their token holders – a true win-win!

Model Number

EI 3411

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  • 1 pair of “Ear-Resistable” Jumper Rabbit ears