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A perfect outdoor craft! Our testing parents appreciated taht the included dye bottles do indeed make this a “less mess – more fun” experience, but fabric dyes will still stain practically anything they touch. For the adventurous parent willing to take on the classic craft, this kit is the best we’ve seen. There’s even a T-shirt included – perfect for summer PJs or a bathing suit cover up - and enough dye to colour 10-12 large T-shirts. So pick up a few extras before you start, because the best thing about this kit are all the clever projects to turn the shirts into dozens of useful accessories: small purse, water-bottle holder, cell phone holder, eyeglass case, pillow, back-pack, flower embellishments, belt, necklace, bracelets, headbands - even a skirt or tank top! 




This craft came with 3 squeeze bottles, 1 pair of gloves, 1 apron, 1 XL shirt plus some embroidery things. It is much easier to use these squeeze bottles than to put them in buckets like we've done before. I think it should come with a bit more because there was enough paint for more and a bunch of us did it but only 1 person could use the things (besides for the dyes). They turned out beautifully. I made a pillowcase and it turned out really nice. The yellow dye had orange drops in it so it didn't look the best (maybe we needed to shake it better). You can also mix the colours because they are the primary colours so you can make any colour. I like that it comes with elastics because you really need those!



this was fun. it was a good craft to do with my sister and brother. the instructions were a bit unclear as to the rinsing step whether to leave elastics in or not. I wouldn't want to play this more than once.



it is so much fun to twist your shirts and then squeeze the dye onto it . the colours are really dark and they stay that way.  the shirts turn out soo pretty



Really COOL!  you put salt in a bucket, wash a shirt, put elastics everywhere and then put the color on top and after it is all washed up I have a t-shirt I made!  This is special, there is only 1 t- shirt like it.



It was easy which I liked. I think it was good that there was a shirt in it. Pretty colors. I think the shirt will turn out nice.



It was really fun to make the t-shirts all colorful and stuff, but the best part was that my Mom made me a skirt out of a big t-shirt and that I made a matching bracelet.


Jennifer B.


i would have to say after reviewing this toy again, it was a good kit. The shirt was way too big and we had to find others to use, but the contents of the box made for a great end product. The kids enjoyed it when they did their shirts.

Marie-Lise H.


Well there are 2 part to this review, 1 is the process to make the tie dye shirts. You would think after making the first part ( soaking the t-shirt, placing the elastics and squirting the color ) that my 11 yr old with the help of her father would be able to finish the project after the overnight waiting period...well if they would have read the instructions I am sure it would have turned out fine, my husband just read the part hat said you could use the washer so he threw 3 or the 5  t-shirts in it.  the white  on the t-shirt became pink and the colors where pale.  So the good news was that there is enough dye int he box to redo the shirts and it came out fine..well still pink background but the colors where brighter.  the 2 remaining t-shirts I finished using the instructions and the colors where really bright, the background stayed white.  The elastics in the packages are really sturdy and big, the plastic tablecloth was big enough to protect out table and I like the addition of an apron.  I tried using t-shirts that we gray and green and the colors did not turn out so well on them, we can use them make accessories so nothing is wasted.

Now to what I think is the best part of this kit, the ideas they give to make all sorts of stuff!  I never would have imagined to cut a t-shirt to make a skirt, my 8 yr old love it. we have belts, bracelets bags all made from 1 x-large t-shirt, recycling at it's best!

My husband's excuse for not following the insturctions was that they where only in english and he didn't read them well.

Rebecca Y.


I wish I had this craft when I tried to do tie-dying with my kids last year! This was a way better experience. The squeeze bottles made it so easy to dye the shirts with minimal mess. The kids were able to do their own designing, but really needed adult help with following the instructions (soaking, drying). The instructions were excellent, with great ideas on how to make a simple shirt into a whole bunch of things (skirt, headband, purse) and the kit came with lots of things to use to decorate them. We just made shirts and pillowcases and they came out really well and very bright. There was enough dye to make about 10 or 12 shirts. I don't think the kit needed to include the shirt (though of course it's great to have it) since we needed lots more than the one. I loved the fact that it included gloves, a tablecloth and an apron. but this is definitely an outdoor craft!

Joyce S.


This was so much easier to use than the old way of dipping shirts into buckets with dye. Great bright colours and they turned out wonderfully.


Manufacturer Description

Create one-of-a-kind fashions with this ultimate tie dye set. From sleep shirts to purses, we show you how to turn one XL t-shirt (included) into dozens of fun projects. These easy squeeze bottles come with pre-measured dyes - just add water. Minimize the mess and maximize the fun - craft apron, table cover and craft gloves included. This complete kit also includes extra dyes, stencil, fabric marker, embroidery thread and needles to create even more projects.

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  • 3 bottles of tie dye powder: pink .07 oz (2 g), blue .07 oz (2 g) AND yellow .14 oz (4g)


  • Just add water! With our supplies & instructions and a little creative crafting, you can turn this one shirt into dozens of fun tie dye accessories.