Age: 2 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $7.99

MSRP (USD): $7.99




We had fun using this drill at the beach to burrow holes and fill them with water. I used it to dig holes in the garden to plant some seeds for my mom as well. This was very easy to use on sand and dirt.


Julie Q.

This is a wonderful toy for older children. Our 5 year old twins had a great time playing with the Drill and are still interested in using it. It makes digging holes or getting enough loose sand to make a sand castle with a breeze. They took the Drill to the beach and they had fun using it to hunt for buried treasure. We had to stop them from digging everything up! It did take a little bit of practice before they got the hang of how to drill with this toy, though. We also took the Drill to the park and it was a big hit with the kids that we met there. Our sons began drilling holes in the sand with it and before we knew it, we had three kids come over to watch what they were doing. By the time we had to leave, my husband had to ask one of the boys who had come over if we could have the Drill back. My younger son (almost two) didn't show much interest in the drill. I had to show him how to drill holes in the sand with it. He simply used it as a big shovel until he located his smaller shovel. This toy also requires a lot of hand-eye co-ordination that most 2 year olds don`t possess. It's probably more suited to older children.

Krista M.


This toy is very simple to use and very sturdy. My daughters (F3, F5) and daycare kids (M4 M7, F4, F6) didn't quite know what to do with it without introduction, but they thought it was fun to use the drill to dig holes then fill them with treasures and water. I'm not sure of the long term interest of this toy, but we shall see.

Nadine L.

My son is 2 and a half and does not understand how this toy works. He is not coordinated enough for holding the drill with one hand and turning with the other - it requires too much strength and coordination. I'm not even sure that older kids would enjoy this toy but it is definetly not for 2 year old toddlers.


Manufacturer Description

Rotate the handle and dig away, the digger will get the job done. This working tool will provide hours of fun year round. It is made of strong, durable plastic and designed for heavy duty sand, soft dirt and snow play. Create holes, large and small. Measures about 18" long.

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