Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $7.99

MSRP (USD): $7.99

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This looks like a robot on a grey stick. My friends and I pretended we were robots and dared each other to see what we could pick up. We picked up a lot of stuff like paper, toys, clothes, rocks etc., but couldn't pick up small things like coins. The toy gets easier to use with practice. It was great for grabbing things from hard to reach places, we used it for getting things from under the couch. I even tried picking out clothes from my closet with the Grab-bot.



I like that toy. It'ls like another arm!! I can pick up anything I want!



I have a lot of fun using this robot arm to pick up things. I using it to clean up my toys, take cloths out of the dryer, and explore outside.


Rachel P.

Grab Bot was a useful toy to have around the house. The toy is well built, is easy to use and it serves its purpose well. I seem to have used it as much as my six year old for getting things from hard to reach places (top of the closet, under the couch etc.,). The manufacturer's age recommendation for this toy did not hold true for our household as my 2.5 year (age recommended is 3) old son and his 3.5 year old friend was not able to use this toy. Even after weeks of having the toy my son's 3.5 year old friend seem to lack the dexterity required to operate this toy properly. But my daughter (F6) and her friends (F6, M6) had fun pretending it was their robotic arm and daring each other on what they can pick up using the toy. According to the kids the ratcheting noise made the Grab-Bot feel like a robot to them and they used it to pick up everything from toys to clothes to getting things from hard to reach places like under the couch. My daughter has even taken it outside to see how many rocks she can pick up.

Krista M.


This was an inexpensive, multi use toy. My daughters (F3, F5) and daycare kids (M4, M7, F4, F6) found many ways to use the Grab Bot from pretending to be a robot to grabbing toys to clean up. The price is a great bargain for how many hours of play this toy received.

Tasha L.


My son likes this toy, he likes to see all the different things he can pick up wi it even though most of the time it slips right out of the bottom.

Julie Q.


Our older boys (both 5) really seem to enjoy playing with this toy. The robot design and the funny noise that it makes caught their attention from the beginning and now with more practice and patience, they have a lot of fun using it to pick up random things or help make doing their chores a bit more interesting.


Manufacturer Description

Grab-Bot - Picks up just about anything. This retro toy is great for grabbing and pinching - pretend you have a robotic arm. Made of durable plastic. Makes a ratcheting sound. Updated look, too.

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