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The Jokes on You! Prank Kits

Reeve + Jones, LLC

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $17.99




I have never seen a squirting ring or a nail through your finger.  I am happy that the snapping gum has foam on the end so it doesn’t hurt as much.    I am glad the disappearing ink actually disappears.  So you pretend that you spilled ink on someone but then it doesn’t cause that much damage.  It looks like water after it disappears. The fake dog poop is plastic; I thought that it would be much squishier but this doesn’t really feel real.   The whoopie cushion is huge – it is the biggest whoopie cushion that I have ever seen! You would have to use an air pump for it, though, because I sure don’t want to put my mouth on it. The snapping gum says ‘pure mint snappy gum’ on the outside so it kind of gives it away. It has so much neat stuff. 



The best was fooling my dad with the fake gum & it snapped his finger. Then I also tricked him with the fake poop. This was a lot of fun.



I couldn't wait for Daddy to come home so I could play jokes on him. What a fun toy!



This would be a good birthday gift for mostly boys but some girls would like it too.  The dog poop is way too small, more like cat poop.  The nail through the finger is great.  I am going to use it for Halloween.  The ring is cool but you need to clench your fist to make it work which could look funny if you had to hold that post too long.  The disappearing ink is cool; you see that on movies and it is neat to =actually have some myself.


Marie-Lise H.


We are testing the smaller prank kit this time.  A lot of the same pranks are in this one that where in the bigger kit.  The fake dog poop ( always a blast when the grandparents are visiting ) the disappearing blue ink .the kids did start to just dribble in on hands instead of clothes since there is a disclaimer that you should test the ink on fabric first, and that was not going to happen when you don't plan a prank.  The joy buzzer is always a hoot, that was Kaï's ( 6 )  favorite.  The snapping gum was made with tougher material, the first one broke really fast and this one is still snapping away.  The whoopee cushion was not a big hit, it was hard to blow on, the taste was horrible, tasted like rubber, yuck...the kids tired to use the balloon hand pump, it did not work and the seem of the opening tore so it was never really used.  

The bigger kit offered a lot of variety and this smaller one has all the major favorites. 

Jasmin S.


The great thing about this toy is that the children (M11, F7, F4 & M3) were able to play immediately with the pranks as soon as they were out of the box. It was great to hear all of their giggles while they were playing with it. 

Laurie T.


The girls had a lot of fun with this when they first opened it.  They were squirting everyone with the ring even though everyone knew that they had it on.  They actually left the dog poop out and fooled their dad before he realized that it was fake!

Iwona V.


Both my girls love this kit. Some of the pranks work better than others, but overall it's a pretty fun kit. The girls could not wait to play jokes on daddy, and they worked out pretty good. Some of the negatives: The stick of gum one leaked water, so it got all wet and isn't 'authentic' looking anymore. The worm in the can didn't spring out as much as it should (or I thought it should) -- it was slow coming out. The hand buzzer is a bit big for a child's hand, but still works.

Geneviève H.


Last Sunday this is what happened in our house with a friend who slept-over : Mia: Mom! Can we have chips for breakfast ? See I told you we could have chips, do you want to open the box? ( of course it was the snake in a can, what a jump this girl made! )


Manufacturer Description

We've gathered together twelve of the best selling classic practical jokes and put them all in one box. Why? Because once a prankster, always a prankster. Contains 12 premium pranks.

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