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The Magic Labyrinth™

Playroom Entertainment

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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An intriguing game with a little touch of magic. Cleverly designed to suspend the game board over a walled maze, players use their magnteic pawn to move a metal ball on the underside of the board, trying to avoid hitting the unseen walls as they move towards their destination. 

Our testers loved planning out the "underground" maze to set up the game. And saying the little rhyme while you turn the board, seems to help everyone "forget" where the walls are. Our older testers soon discovered that if they moved slowly they could detect and avoid the labyrinth walls - which suggests an upper age appeal for this game, or a wilingness to move pawns quickly enough that you don't inadvertently "cheat".  

Parents loved that the game provides a unique memory challenge, and that you can adjust the challenge level simply by varrying the number of maze walls. 

SAFETY NOTE: This game contains small metal balls as well as strong magnets at the base of each pawn. The magnets are well-glued into a fitted hollow and covered with sticky felt, and our testing samples were still securely intact even after multiple two-moth testing periods. BUT we strongly suggest that parents keep a close eye to make certain the magnets stay securely in place. 




This was a fun game. I liked using the magnetic pieces because that was different from my other games. Mommy didn't put up all the walls otherwise we would not get any pieces. I played with my 4 year old brother too and he had fun but he had a hard time remembering where the walls were so we helped him.



A great game where you need a good memory to play or else your ball under the board will fall when you hit a wall and then you have to start from the beginning again. You are trying to get the chips from all different places. Sometimes it's annoying because there's only 1 or 2 ways to get out of your starting place. When you get to a chip, the other chip might be a whole board away! I like that you can move more than 1 spot at a time, but the die only goes up to 4! You have to move your piece fast otherwise it's cheating because you can feel the walls.



It's so hard to play because everytime I keep movign the ball falls down.



I thought it was cool how the magnet sticks on and how it could bump into walls and stuff.  I liked building the maze and the rules were easy.



Sometimes, even though you're not allowed, someone sets up the board and puts walls all around one spot. Then you can never get to that spot. You have to make sure no one does that.



I really like the idea of magic labrynith but you can just go slowly and detect where the walls are.  The person who goes first can then get all there pieces and win. 



It's amusing to put the wall where you want then you turn the board over and you don't know where they are anymore.  we try to not to let our ball fall.  I like that you have to move around slowly or else your ball falls and you have to start again!  I like winning, it means I didn't get caught by the magic walls!



don't often give out a 10 but this game deserves it.  It's a memory game and a luck game and it's hilarious because you never know where a wall can be.  You think you are really close to the coin and your just about to own and you loose you marble and your like :"oh darn! " and everyone laughs. My friend Gabrielle kept forgetting where a wall was and she hit it like 10 times in the game, it was so funny!



I like that it has these magnetic players that the balls stick onto.  I like that game cause it's fun and it's cool.



You are just about to catch a game piece and at the last move you hit a magic wall and you loose your ball... then you have to start again. You never know who is going to win. It has a lot of luck but it's mostly a memory game.


Marie-Lise H.


The kids had fun building the maze, so there is strategic planning involved. I like that at the start you turn the game broad around and say a little rhyme. Kaï (M7) has a photographic memory, but even he could not keep track of the walls, if he talked at the same time as we turned the board.

Rebecca Y.


A very cute idea!The quality of this toy is impressive. The kids loved setting this up and playing. You have to watch out for cheating - the moves have to be fast so you can't feel the wall underneath. It's all about memory so it's an equal challenge between all of the kids.

Jo M.


This is a great game. The box is very appealing and the instructions are extremly well written. The game is easy to follow. Connor (7) and Kierra (5) are able to play the game on their own. It is nice that there is some luck since you never know which magic symbol chip will be pulled from the bag but there is also skill in trying to remember where the walls are. Overall a very fun game! Great concept!

Stacey F.


This is a really neat memory game.  The concept is difficult for younger children (ie. my four year old who even after helping build the maze still didn't really get why the ball would drop during one of her moves).  My seven year old and her cousins and friends had a great time playing.  I found it challenging as an adult when there were a lot of walls, but the beauty of this game is that you can put in as many or as little of the walls as you want, changing the level of challenge in order to gear it to the ages of the kids playing. 

Orietta M.


I liked this game. We played with it as a family and had lots of fun. We liked when we hit a wall because it made us think and to work a strategy. we did help each other out whenever we could.

Joyce S.


This game was not a hit with my gang.  The magnet was too strong so you can feel where the walls are without the ball falling.  We tried making a rule that if you touched a wall then you had to go through it but the kids had lost interest in the game by then.  It's a great concept.


Manufacturer Description

The apprentices to the Master Wizard have accidentally lost some objects in the The Magic Labyrinth™! Now, they must try to collect them before the Master notices that they are missing. However, this magical maze has invisible walls that the little wizards keep bumping into, forcing them to start all over again! Become one of the wizard apprentices and make your way through the Magic Labyrinth to collect as many of the lost objects as you can. Sharpen your memory and show your skill as you navigate the maze and win the Master Wizard's favor!

Model Number

PLE 89100

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  • 4 Metal Balls