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Thomas & Friends™ - Discover Junction - Tidmouth Sheds

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 18 months and up

MSRP (CAD): $59.99

MSRP (USD): $49.99

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Our toddler-aged testers loved how there are so many things to do and press on this toy: spinning the helicopter, pushing the tap for "water", taking out the freight from the train, or just driving the trains and Sir Topham Hat's car around. And no need to worry about complicated track set up - there are none since this age group really just prefers to drive their trains free-style acorss the floor anyway. A great first "train set". 




I am giving Thomas some water, he is a thirsty train. The Helicopter can fly over Thomas while he pulls his cart.



"Mommy, I have an idea! Let's connect all the tracks so that I can bring all my trains to the sheds!"


Krista M.


This Thomas toy seemed very simple to me, but the noises and phrases have been especially popular with my daughters (F3, F16m). Thomas wheels easily and Harold flies around the top of the shed with ease. The only downside we have encountered was that the blue attachment for Harold comes off very easily.

Christina B.


After a month of testing, this toy has lost a little bit of appeal for my daughter (21m), but compared to other similar toys, she still plays with it a fair amount! She really likes Harold the helicopter (she likes spinning him around, and comparing him to airplanes), as well as pushing the water tap to hear the water sound. For someone who didn't really know who Thomas was, she still has lots of fun with the set.

Dorothy C.


My older son (4) was super excited to get this toy and ran off excitedly to connect his tracks to it, which of course didn't fit, much to his disappointment. This is basically a stand-alone set more appropriate for the younger child who is not yet able to connect tracks. My 16 month old son spends a good deal of time playing with this toy. He LOVES pushing the buttons on top to hear it makes sounds and really enjoys pushing down the lever to hear the water, he gets very excited. One things that annoys him is that some of the shed doors don't stay closed when you close them, and once they are closed it's difficult for his little chubby fingers to get in there and open the door again.

Eric C.


Caspian (M2) limes exploring how to activate the different sounds and voices. It's great that more than just Thomas is part of the set: The car for Sir Topham Hat, a box car for Thomas and Caspian's favorite Harold the Helicopter. Caspian enjoyed Harold the helicopter the best. He was a bit too excited and knocked Harold off his spinning perch several times. So far Harold has held up to tosses and refitting. Nice to have a Thomas set that is not bound by the tracks.


Manufacturer Description

For Thomas, every day begins and ends at Tidmouth Sheds! Sir Topham Hatt arrives in his car with Thomas’ job for the day. Harold patrols the skies, making sure the tracks are all clear! Help Thomas get ready for the day by dropping coal down the coal hopper to load up his cargo car or by giving him a wash down at the water tower. Thomas is now ready to be a Really Useful Engine! Cause-and-effect features include spinning Harold, pressing the sign to send Thomas down the ramp, loading coal through the chute and pressing the water spout up and down. Fun engine and water sounds plus phrases from Thomas, Harold and Sir Topham Hatt! Comes with 10 pieces including Thomas and his cargo car, Harold, Sir Topham Hatt and his car, coal, crates, and more. 

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