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Thomas & Friends™ Thomas & Bulstrode Bath Buddies


Age: 18 months and up

MSRP (CAD): $17.99

MSRP (USD): $17.99

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Fun at first, but this Thomas bath toy didn't really maintain the interest of our testing kids.




Yeah! Thomas!


Deniz M.

I think this toy is very expensive for a bath toy. My kids M6, F2 were interested at first but then they lost their interest. The train part is more interesting than the boat as it contains water inside but it can be messy when my F2 wants to take it out of bath when it is full.

Ruth B.

At first, my 2.5 year old daughter was very interested to play with this toy; my twin (b/g) 5.5 year olds were not so interested. BUT, once open they have all enjoyed palying with the characters in the bath for awhile. Now a month later, we have had a hard time getting our children to show interest in playing with it. Possibly our boy (5.5 years) is now too old for Thomas and our youngest daughter (2.5 years) has not shown a massive train interest. It is cute, so likely would appeal to other children.

Kim G.

My son, age 3, loves Thomas the train, which makes this toy an instant hit. He was pretty excited to have a Thomas bath toy. The boat with the strainer is great. Thomas was a little too stiff for my son to be able to get the water to squirt out on his own, but he loved it when I did it. He has lost a little bit of interest after a few weeks, but the strainer is still his favorite aspect of this toy.


Manufacturer Description

Thomas has hopped a ride on his pal Bulstrode for a little bath time fun! Watch Bulstrode float and use him as a water strainer. Give Thomas a squeeze to squirt water from his funnel. 

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