Age: 5 years and up

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Play Tested Review

The light-up feature on these ball clackers was a huge draw for our testers, and most were happy just fidgeting with them. But there are also You Tube demonstrations of numerous tricks for kids interested in mastering the challenges.




It is a different type of fidget toy and you can do more things than you can with a fidget spinner. It's a very popular toy and it is fun to play with because it is a fidget toy. You can do cool tricks like the roll. I watched a youtube video on the different tricks you can do with the Thumb Tricks, but some of the tricks are hard. The lights are cool and you can play in the dark. That's one of the tricks. I like that you can change colours if you pop off the balls and switch with a friend.



I like that the balls light up and I like the material of the balls. I'm not sure why, I just like it. It's fun watching my mom do some cool tricks with it, but I really couldn't do anything interesting. It's just way too hard for me to do anything with it. It's fun for my mom to play with and I think my grandfather liked it too. I think it's a fidget toy for adults. It's not for kids my age.



I like that the instructions were good for teaching and it was easy to learn. I looked at some videos online of other tricks but I wasn't able to follow what they were doing. I'm really good at the main trick and I am much better than all my friends. I tried teaching some of my friends but I could only get one friend to do it right. I like that it lights up so it looks cool in the dark. I like that this is a fidget toy but also requires skills and lights up when you use it. I like having fidget type toys and this one is great. I wouldn't play with this in class since it would be too distracting, but it's fine for other times. The thumb chucks are pretty sturdy and don't look like they would break even with lots of use. You can take the balls off the string but if you do that too much they might fall off when you are playing with it. It's small and portable - you can carry it in your pocket easily. I want to get one of my own when we are done testing this since I like using it so much.



I like to bounce them and make them light up.



I love to see the lights blink and making sure they are constantly on, so I keep bouncying it on my hands and knocking the balls together. I take the toy with me everywhere.. school and sports. It is like my fidget spinner, and it is always with me. It is easy to carry and I leave it in my jacket pocket because it doesn`t make a noise. I can do tricks with it. It is hard, but I keep trying to figure out how I can make them knock differently. Maybe the string should be a little longer so i can do different tricks


Susan C.

My son (9) would play with this toy every time he saw it. He didn't necessarily set out to play with it but if he walked by or saw it in the distance he would always pick it up and start playing with it. He never played for very long - usually 5 minutes or so but the play sessions continued until the very end. It seems like a fairly basic toy, there really isn't much to it besides two rubber balls attached by a string. But the balls light up, bounce and can be twisted and flipped and rolled around your hand making it another fidget toy. I love that it is small and can be put away. My son kept it on his desk by his computer and would often use it then. It held up well, the lights are still working and the balls still look brand new. My son really enjoyed this simple yet captivating fidget toy. It is small and the rubber balls are durable with long lasting light features. Overall, a well made toy with a lot of play options.

Orietta M.

Amazing!! My kids (M10, F12) are still playing with them. They call them their stress balls and like having them around when doing homework. It is like a fidget item that comforts them. I didn't think they were too interesting but my kids just loved hitting the balls together and seeing the colour light up. My son (10) is loving to flip it in all directions. Just getting the light to turn on thrills him. The fact that it lights up is cool, otherwise the toy would not have any appeal. Easy enough to play with, and the kids are still fully engaged in it.

Wendy K.

My kids (F6, M8) are not skilled enough for this toy at all. I really enjoy playing with it myself. I think it's fun to figure out tricks and different things to do with them, so I think for older kids, it would be a great fidget toy. I just wish my kids would appreciate them, too! My 8 year old tried them a few times and then basically gave up. He's generally not the most coordinated kid, but I thought he'd like this toy because he is always fidgeting. My 6 year old cannot use them at all in her hands. She just likes to bounce them around the house and watch as they light up. I like the material of the balls and it's fun that they light up. I like that they don't make any noise as you're doing tricks. I don't like that one of the balls comes off the string sometimes - it's just annoying to find, but it is easy to put back on. The instructions were not so easy to follow for my kids, but I was able to figure out the pictures and I tried to teach my kids, but it's definitely way too difficult for my kids, ages 6 and 8. I can't believe it is aimed towards kids ages 5+. I think it should be maybe for ages 8+ or even 10+. My 8 year old is weak with fine motor stuff in general, but I thought something geared to 5+ would be fine for him.

Allison M.

My son (10) immediately wanted this toy and played with it on the drive home. He kept at it until he had mastered the trick explained in the instructions. He uses it constantly since then as a fidget toy. He loves how it lights up and practicing different skills. He finds it soothing to play with it. He loves it so much that when we have to return it - he wants to get his own. The light up feature is great and adds something to the toy. For those that are keen - you can find videos of additional tricks to try. The toy was durable and can withstand a lot of dropping and being tossed for when you are trying the tricks. my son still takes this almost everywhere with him since we got it -he loves fidget type toys and with the added benefit of skills required - this one is better then just a regular fidget toy. It's a single player toy. The kids did take turns but my daughter (7) was not as patient to try and learn any tricks so she was not as interested in the toy. The toy is well designed. The only concern we had was that if you keep taking the ends off and on again - it looks like they could eventually come loose. No safety concerns - even if this goes flying from someone's hands and hits someone, it is unlikely to hurt.


Manufacturer Description

Control the roll. Thumb Chucks is a cool new skill toy. One set includes 1 light up thumb chuck with a basic trick - there is a mobile app support featuring tutorials, special effects to enhance your videos, and more. Weight: 0.4 oz. String length: 6 inches. Four colors available: blue, orange, red, green.