Age: 8 years and up

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It is very cute and I had fun making them with my friends. The designs are very pretty I actually wore it. The only problem was that the piece attaching the tile to the necklace came off. It needs a stronger glue.



I really enjoyed doing this craft with two of my friends. The people who made this kit really thought of everything - there were lots of things to choose from, there was soft material to put on the back so the tiles wouldn't hurt you and there were little gift boxes to give the necklaces as gifts to friends!



It was easy to do and not messy to make and it turns out really cute. This is jewellry that you could actually wear. The colours are pretty and it's fun to do.



This craft was ok. It annoyed me that it comes with 8 tiles plus a bonus and sample but only 8 pieces to attach the tiles to the neclaces, 8 ribbons, and 8 neclaces. You hardly have anything to do and the glue doesn't stick at all. I really don't like the double-sided tape. I like that it comes with scissors.


Joyce S.

The fun in this craft is designing the necklaces. My daughters [10 & 14] matched the patterns to the ribbons to the chain and it required some planning to ensure it looked just right. The craft itself is very easy and turns out nicely. I'd use hot glue to hold the tile to the necklace loop as it is stronger.

Liz H.


I thought this kit was excellent. There was a significant amount of materials to make several necklaces. The kit even included a few extras, such as scissors and gift boxes. My daughter (9 yrs.) really enjoyed doing this activity with her friends (f8, f10) and everyone was able to make a few necklaces each! My daughter did report that after a couple of weeks the glue was starting to 'unstick'. I think the cost value for this product is fantastic.

Rebecca Y.


Neither Matana (F10) nor I were too impressed with Tile Art Necklaces. The kit came with everything to make 8 cute necklaces, but it didn't keep her busy for long. There wasn't much too it, and parts of it didn't work well for her (the glue or double-sided tape). She had fun making matching necklaces with her friends though!


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Turn ceramic tiles into amazing art you can wear and share! Decorate eight 1" square tiles with fun paper designs, ribbon, rhinestones, pearls, and glitter accents. This complete set includes colorful cotton jewelry cords, jewelry findings, scissors, stencil and 3 gift boxes.

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