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TONKA CHUCK & FRIENDS Flip The Bounce Back Racer Vehicle

Hasbro, Inc

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $44.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

Production Status: In Stores


This durable RC car is certainly lots of fun. And it's made robust enough to take all the play preschoolers can give it - including lots of bumps, crashes and of course, the flips. Parents liked the rubber wheels that keep their floors and furniture dent and scratch free. But every one of our testing parents noted the high price tag on this toy, and complained about both the number of batteries required and how often they needed to be replaced. Nor, did they like the noise from this toy. NOTE: Adult supervision is required when playing near roads and other hazards.




This car didn't flip back like it was suppose to. I liked it ok.



this toy doesn't work



He's a fast racer and then he crashes.



I love how it flips over and it is different colours on both sides. It is really fun to play.


Jenifer B.


This toy was a hit in our family, the 3 year old and 7 year old boys played most. It's durable, and it didnt leave marks on walls or floors. It didnt "bounce back" as easily as the [original] "bounce back racer" car we've tried at friends houses, but this did not affect the play.

Jennifer B.


This toy was a hit in our family.  The 3 year old and 7 year old boys played most.  I had a friends son for a few days (age 4) and he loved it.  Played with it every chance he got.  Its durable.  It didnt leave marks on walls or floors.  It didnt "bounce back" as easily as the "bounce back racer" car we've tried at friends houses, but this did not affect the play.

Tasha L.


At first this toy was great. My son (3) would drive it everywhere but all of a sudden, the car kept losing the signal from the remote so my son ended up getting frustrated a lot.

Kendra D.


The bounce back racer is a lot of fun for kids of all ages.  However, it uses a ton of batteries and uses them up very quickly

Brenna C.


A fun remote control vehicle for the junior set, this truck is sure to please little boys looking for some r/c action.  Parents may not care for the noise it makes or the quantity of batteries it uses, but will enjoy watching their kids figure out how to make the truck flip or race around the room.

Susan C.


A very disappointing toy.  I had high hopes for this toy as did my son but the range is so short to play with it outside and it is too loud and bulky to play with inside.  The toy also uses up batteries so quickly.  The car itself is cool to look at though and sometimes my son just plays with it on its own without even turning it on.  He likes the green side better than the blue.

Rebecca Y.


A very cute design, but it drains the batteries! It is easy to use for the age group that it's designed for since there's no steering, just a forward/reverse button, although we were unable to make it do any flips or stunts. The wheels are large and soft so if it bangs into anything or anyone, it doesn't do any damage, but it's very loud and annoying.


Manufacturer Description

Meet the FLIP THE RACE TRUCK character, a spirited and daring new friend in the CHUCK & FRIENDS gang! With preschoolers in control, Flip never backs down from a challenge. The double-sided FLIP THE BOUNCE BACK RACER vehicle is a Remote Control designed for young hands to easily control as it performs awesome backflips and other stunts. Flip recognizes which side is driving and has over 20 distinct upbeat phrases and sound effects for each. 

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