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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 18 months and up

MSRP (CAD): $11.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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A great playset, best suited to kids who don't need lights and sound to maintian their interest. A great bring-with-you toy. 




"Truck up, up, up." "Truck whoosh." "Truck away.nap."


Lisanne S.



This is a great toy to grab on the go for him to play with while we are out.

I just really didnt think it was that great as interaction because it doesnt really do much

I found that he lost interest really fast .

I like the idea of it, but I wouldnt go out and buy it. I noticed that the only thing that he

likes about it is the fact that he can carry it around.




Ruth B.

Other Adult

After my own children did not seem to stay interested in this toy, it was very interesting to see how much the children the same age reacted to it after it was donated to a not-for-profit care centre.  They are all facinated by it and want to play with it at the same time.  A huge hit!  I am not sure why my own did not stay so captivated with this toy, but clearly most 2.5 year olds love it!

Caroline S.


I was initially impressed by this toy as it was a firetruck and station in a compact, portable format.  This suits our busy lifestyle and I was happy to be able to take it with us on visits and trips.  My son was initially interested in the toy and ran the truck through the station several times.  He did not play with it for long however and I believe this is due to his expectation of a fire truck having lights and sirens.  His initial interest waned quickly and although this toy is set out in a prominent location of our play area, he has not gone back to it in quite a while.  The times that he did play with it were very short lived and he would go on to something else quite quickly.  Also, the toy is too small to share and when we were at friends' homes or they were over at ours, the children were unable to play with this toy together and some disputes ensued. 

Susan C.


My two year old loves to carry this around and he takes great pride in being able to show people how it works. And tidying up is easy: he loves putting the truck into the holder at the bottom for "nap". We love that it requires no parental assistance because it doesn't come apart and need to be reassembled. I expected him to become bored with it quickly because of its limited options for playing but my son continues to love it.


Manufacturer Description

On the go? Take CHUCK & FRIENDS characters along for the ride! Each compact and portable playset includes a mini vehicle featuring a favorite CHUCK & FRIENDS character, perfect for little hands. With the MINI FOLD ‘N GO assortment, kids never have to leave their friends behind! Assortment includes BOOMER THE FIRE TRUCK vehicle and his Fire Station Splash playset and CHUCK THE DUMP TRUCK vehicle at the Gas Up Garage playset; each set sold separately. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on HasbroToyShop.com.

Fold ’n Go FIRE STATION SPLASH Playset (30866) Rev up your engine for tons of “red hot” fun! Set your BOOMER THE FIRE TRUCK vehicle at the top of this fire station playset and press the button to reveal the secret ramp. He’ll race down the ramp and come speeding out the side! Then, put him back at the top to do it all over again. When playtime’s over, park your BOOMER THE FIRE TRUCK vehicle inside the playset and fold it up, so you’re all set for on-the-go “driving” fun.

Fold ’n Go GAS UP GARAGE Playset (30865) Rev up your engine for tons of high octane fun! Set your CHUCK THE DUMP TRUCK vehicle at the top of this gas station playset to watch him tumble down the drop down ramp and come speeding down the side. Then, put him back at the top to do it all over again! When playtime’s over, park your CHUCK THE DUMP TRUCK vehicle inside the playset and fold it up, so you’re all set for on-the-go driving fun.

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