Age: 5 years and up

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Very popular with our play testing families, despite a couple of minor issues: the rhinestones don't stick well, and the ends of the Tooby Loops tend to fray - sticking glue on, as suggested, doesn't really help (perhaps a bit of clear nail polish would work better, if you have it).  




I have never seen a craft like this before and had fun sharing it with my friends, so we could all make something.


Julie J.

This kit contains EVERYTHING you would need to create a whole bunch of crafts and fashion accessories, including scissors, glue, pipe cleaners, head bands and jewels. We liked that there was alot of the tooby loop material included in the kit. Our oldest daughter (age 5) dove right in to making a square note bracelet, the instructions were very clear and she can successfully work on it by herself. Our youngest daughter (age 5) and I made a curly flower fairly easily as well. The tooby loop material does fray easily, the kit recommends using the glue on the ends to prevent fraying but the glue doesn't seem to solve the problem (the tooby loop material has a bit of a stiff structure to it, so when glue is added to the ends it doesn't adhere well).

Rachel P.

This all inclusive craft contained everything from pipe cleaners to rhinestones, glue, headbands, pony beads, scissors, needle etc. We introduced this in a play group and it was great to see the creativity flowing. The kids aged from 5 to 8, and they made a variety of things and all on their on without needing much help. The two issues they had were the the tooby loop unraveling when they used it on the headband and rhinestones not sticking well. I like that they had a few suggestions to get the kids started and then left the rest to their imagination. Kids made everything from silly sunglasses to necklace, bracelets, flowers, key chains and decorative shoe and school bag accessories.


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These unique and fun crafts are for kids of all ages. Craft your own optical effects with Make Your Own Kaleidoscope and have tons of fun with Fuzzy Bead Fun. Express yourself creatively and enjoy the process as much as the end result!

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  • Assorted Tooby Loops -24 yards (22 m) total


  • Includes everything you need to make oodles of fashion and craft accessories - 18 yds of Tooby Loops in 6 colors, pipe cleaners, pony beads, headbands, hair elastics, rhinestones, glue, floss, tools and instructions