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TROUBLE Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition Game

Hasbro, Inc

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $17.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

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I really enjoyed playing this game with my friends and family. I liked teaching them how to play. Lightning McQueen is still my favourite. CARS makes the game more fun.



I really like this version of trouble. I have played a few different versions of TROUBLE, but I think this may be the best. Some of the rules have changed and so has the die. If only I could beat my brother.



I like popping Mater. That is the cool part of the whole game. I like when i get a 5 because i can move a lot of spaces.


Jennifer S.


I hated this toy. The potential was there for a really great toy. This one fell very short. The peices were not secure on the knobs and repeatedly fell off. The process was extremely frustarting and made the game incapable of being played. The rules were strange as well. It took a lot of patience for my 4.5, almost 5 year old son to understand why he could't have a turn, if the odds were not in his favor. I am truly dissapointed in this toy.

Orietta M.


Love this game. Love that it is a knock off of a game I played when i was a kid and now that they brought it back using Cars  props is awesome. Very appropriate for this generation. Love that it requires the old fashion cooperation and waiting for each other to take turns. Every family member has enjoyed sitting with my kids playing this game. There is excitement when a person is moving around the board and close to another colour. Great for family fun.


Manufacturer Description


Pop, hop and just don’t stop until you win! You and your opponents are in a race to the finish while your favorite characters from the Cars 2 movie “look on”. Pop the Mater POP-O-MATIC roller to roll the die and move your playing pawn to your new spot. If you land on your opponent’s pawn, you can bump them back to home. But watch out — they can do the same thing to you! “Hop” all of your pawns to the finish area before anyone else and you win winner!

Includes 1 plastic game unit with Mater POP-O-MATIC die roller, gameboard, 16 plastic playing pawns, 4 rubber gameboard feet and instructions.


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