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Super fun and action packed! Tossing, dropping and slamming cards onto the precariously balanced lot already placed requires a steady hand and good aim. But even practicing solo is fun. We love how engaging this simple game is, inspiring both cheers and groans, it's probably the most exciting new game this year. Best enjoyed by slightly older kids (at least 8-10+)




I like the pictures and that you do a different thing with each card. I like that the container is part of the tree. I don't like the throwing card because I never get it on the tree. It's not fair because I'm not good at throwing.


Lisa G.

This game was fun and action packed! It's no ordinary card game, it is unpredictable and requires skill and perseverance...very new and different.. High interest still maintained due it its competitive nature. Everyone was always up for mare-match! There are different actions for each card drawn. Tossing, slamming, teetering cards make this game a challenge and Zahra (F9) and us adults were challenged. I think it would be best recommended as a family game for ages 8+. The card storage in the shape of a tree that was used for game play was a smart design. It's pretty portable and sturdy. The tin is study and the cards are laminated so it has durability. Tumble tree is an excellent family game brings out everyone's wild side! We took risks and tried new tricks to win the game. The game challenging but fun and we had lots of laughs.


Manufacturer Description

The card-flinging,tree-toppling game. Build your own baobab tree in this card placement game. Each animal card has its own way to be added to the ever-growing tree, but place them carefully! If the branches are overburdened the tree will fall. The leopards leap from the air, the bats fly in blindly, the snakes slither under, and the monkeys swing out on the edge of the growing tree. But beware of the stinging bees! Avoid penalties and be the player with the least amount of cards at the end to win- but most importantly… don’t let the tree-top topple! A baobab is a short tree with an enormously thick trunk and sprawling canopy, commonly found in Africa and some parts of Australia. This game is played atop its own tin, making it perfect to take anywhere and play! Skills: Fine Motor, Social Play, Visual Perception

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  • 108 Cards

  • 2 Reference Cards

  • Illustrated Rules