Age: 8 years and up

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A well designed puzzle and with a great concept: the die works a path through the coloured squares to the puzzles end, pivoting from face to face by matching the die face colours to a same-colored squares. The wire bound puzzle book flips easily to a challenge page and slides into the transparent holder, clearly visible under - and aligning nicely with - the puzzle board. The "Cryptic Cube" die used to "roll" through the "maze" sequence features rounded knobs at each corner that rest in the board indents and help to pivot the die from move to move. Our testers were mixed in their appreciation - some loving the challenge, others finding it far too difficult for them. While age doesn't seem to be the determining factor for success, as much as a mental inclination to this type of puzzle, we expect that slightly older kids will have better overall success.




I really like solving puzzles. This games had very many of them which makes it interesting. I needed some help with instructions and jumping. After that it was easy:-) I'm looking forward to Tut's Tablet II



Not really my favourite type of game. It was not fun when you had to ask mom and dad if I was thinking about the puzzle correctly then I couldn't move levels. I lost interest. Maybe when I am older I will like this game more.



I like this game because I was able to take it with me everywhere, even in the car. But it was HARD! I couldn't get past Level 1, and Mom had to help me at first to understand how to play. Good thing there was only 10 puzzles, I don't think I could have done more! Oouf! I tried going to Level 2, but it was way too hard. I gave up! But Mom did too!



I really enjoyed playing tuts tablet. It was challenging yet fun, and every level added a twist. One could probably play the game more than once, because you could have gotten it randomly.

-) Lydia


I really like solving puzzles. This games had very many of them which makes it interesting. I needed some help with instructions and jumping.



I finished all the levels. The first stage is hard, the second stage is fun because it's better because you can slide around the board. The third stage you can rotate the die so you can turn around when you're on a spot.


Mireille S.

A fun puzzle game, but definitely geared towards older kids, despite the recommended age of 8+. This will be a challenge, even the avid puzzle solvers. It was probably a little too advanced for our house, we're not big puzzle solvers, and my son is only 8, so this game offered too much challenge for us (this is largely what brought our rating down). We couldn't get past Level 1, so Tut's Tablet offered limited play value for us, only providing us with 10 puzzles to solve, but if you can get past Level 1, you have 3 more levels to keep challenging yourself.

Orietta M.

Unfortunately, I don't think my daughter was ready for a game like this. It requires time and energy for her to achieve success and that is what turned her off of this game. I actually liked the thinking that is required to achieve success in this game. I can only hope with time these are the type of games that will appeal to her because they are good strategy games that help to develop deductive reasoning and logical reasoning skills.


Manufacturer Description

Welcome to Tut's Tablet, a puzzle-maze treasure hunt! The Goal: Select a challenge from the booklet and slide it into Tut's Tablet. Place the Cryptic Cube on the starting square matching the colors of the cube top and sides as indicated. To find the secret path to Tut's treasure, you must roll the cryptic cube from square to square always matching the color on the top of the cube with the color on the square below it. When you reach the square with Tut's coin and both colors match, you've solved the challenge. The Challenges: There are 50 Challenges with 4 levels of play arranged easy to hard. So what are you waiting for? Can you find Tut's treasure!

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