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Tutti Frutti Hamburger

Bojeux Inc.

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $11.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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This playdough set is pretty cool. I like making burgers for my mom and dad and my sister. They give me their order and then, i make them a burger. The burgers smell pretty good - not like real burgers but like yummy ice cream. Sometimes I even make some french fries.



It's fun to make hamburgers, and pretend that my sister is ordering one. I like to put lots of stuff on the hamburgers.



mom can you help me get it off, and smell mom its smells good.



The dough smells like chocolate, strawberry, apple and pineapple. The hamburgers are way smaller than they look. It's fun to mix them and if you mix them you get different colours. Dough is so soft and not icky.



I won't play with the pineapple one, it smells yucky. I like the other colours.



This used to come with a mat with fruit pictures like the one on the back. Now it doesn't.


Liz H.

Great set for preschoolers, although there was nothing overly special about it. The kids (M5, F9) loved how the playdough was smelly; however, the older ones commented how it was weird that "burgers smelled like strawberries and chocolate"! My son (Sean, 5 yrs.) really had fun taking orders and making burgers for his family. The playdough is a great consistency and very malleable, but the moulds were a little small, and some of the younger children had difficulty making such small burgers and toppings.

Iwona V.


My daughter (5) played with this set a lot, but not as much as the cupcake one. She loved to take our orders and make our hamburgers and serve them as if we were in a restaurant. The dough remained soft after much play, and the 'tools' worked really well and created great items for the burgers.

Andree-Lynn A.


love the fact it smell better then the make play doe. the chocolat smells a bit wierd compare to the others. the moles are very small do the play doe is harder to remove from them.

Susan C.


My son (4) was excited to play with this. He was frustrated that the dough stuck to the shapes and he wasn't able to make the hamburgers. He likes smelling the dough and I caught him eating it once.

Cathy M.

My daughter (f4) liked this dough set. The idea of the scents is a good one, but some really don't smell that good and I find it gets too intense after a while (gave me a headache). Additionally, I found it to be very messy (the dough crumbles a lot) and some colours stain.


Manufacturer Description

Scented playing dough, natural, water base, non-toxic.

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