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Twist & Learn Busy Bus

Learning Resources, Inc.

Age: 2 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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"Bus, bus, bus!! Mackenzie carries the bus everywhere like a briefcase, then sits down and pulls the character pieces apart, puts them together, puts them in the proper shaped holes and then looks at them through the windows. "Stuck maman": when she tries to pull the shapes out of the holes, they often get stuck and that get s bit frustrating for her.


Keira B.


I was excited to see this toy and explore its learning potential but was quickly dissapointed with it's simplicity. I think my child being 2.5 yrs is a little old for this toy in terms of it's learning potential but she does enjoy playing with it and especially likes to carry it around by the handle. she also likes to push it around the floor. I like the music. It's been a few days and the bus still gets played with, last night she was pushing it around the floor banging into walls and pretty much everything else (this might be another reason it's a better toy for a younger child). I directed her attention towards putting all the people back in the bus. I'm a little confused about whether the people are supposed to come apart or not..they come apart pretty easily (too easily), one is permanently broken. also, I don't really like that the people seem to get stuck going in and out of the bus.

Jo M.


Hailee is having a lot of fun with this bus. She enjoys many aspects of this toy including; twisting the people to make them match up the way she likes them; taking the people apart and then putting them back together; putting the people into the bus; pushing the button to play the music; carrying and pushing the bus with the handle as well as pushing down on the handle to make the people pop up. She sometimes gets frustrated when the people get stuck in the bus or when they won't go into the bus easily (if they are not aligned properly). The music is fun and not too long or too loud. The downside is that there is no switch to turn off the music so the button could accidently get pushed (if you have it in a toy box). This bus has a lot of appeal for the kids and for me as a parent since it helps Hailee work on her fine motor skills by putting the shapes together and into the bus as well as practicing her colour and shape recognition. I am rating the toy low for few quality reasons; the stickers are peeling off the twistable people and the taillights; the twistable people sometimes get stuck in the bus and when you pull on them the bottom piece will become separated from the other two pieces and you need to turn the bus upside down and shake it to get it out ; the button for the music has got stuck a few times so the music won't turn on when you push it.

Cathy M.


Almost all stickers have now been peeled off and the characters don't always click together anymore. she still likes to play with individual pieces but gets frustrated that the characters don't come out of the bus as they should (I have to shake them out for her).


I give this toy a 4/10 based on how well it was made but since Keira really enjoyed this toy i brought the overall rating up to 6/10.


This toy broke approximately 20 minutes after getting it out of the box. One of the cubes came entirely apart into 3 small pieces. A number of the stickers also started peeling off the bus and shapes.


Manufacturer Description

Board the busy community bus! Durable bus rolls, honks, and encourages shape recognition as children twist and sort the career characters into their proper seats.

Model Number

LER 4170

Year Introduced



  • Reinforces shape recognition, spatial reasoning, color identification, fine and gross motor skills, creativity and imaginative play