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Twist & Match Monsters™ Early Learning Game

Learning Resources, Inc.

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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My son was not really interested in following the rules of the game, I think he's too young for it. He was just interested in spinning the toy, but I don't think he even recognized that he was building monsters.



Look Mommy, that the funniest monster ever! No, this one is the funniest! Look at that funny bum! (Giggles!!!) I'm not scared of you funny monster!



I think it's a good game. I like to turn the wheel. I want to play that game again... I like the whole thing.



John, look at these monsters. Look at this one. Mom, does this one go like this? Let's play again Johnny.



Look! My red monster has a boingy-bum! Hahahaha!



Look! My monster! I made a match!


Dorothy C.


This seems like a pretty simple game for a toddler and it's fun to match the monsters. I had fun doing it! However, I tried to play with my almost 3 year old and he wasn't interested. He just wanted to spin te drums and then walked away.

Jen S.


Both my kids love this game. They will play it with or without me. They enjoy playing both versions, with the regular monster match or the silly monster match. It is easy to play for my 3 year old and still fun for my 4.5 year old. The monsters are appealing and not too scary. The game piece itself is appealing to kids and easy to turn. They can review their numbers from 1-6 as they sit at the appropriate space. The game never took too long for one of us to win either. It is a good colour review for my 3 year old and it is good for all of us to play games together, review our social skills (taking turns, following rules, etc.). A great game!

Tara R.


What a great idea - the kids love the silly characters and faces, and the idea of colours and mix-and-match, and even a puzzle involving the three pieces of the monster are definitely appealing. Biggest problem with this game is that the spinner doesn't spin. It's connected too close to the board, so it doesn't work. This is a MAJOR flaw.

Mike R.


Twist & Match Monsters - how can you go wrong!? Here's how: a spinner that doesn't spin, and decals that start to peel off within a couple of hours. Our three and four year olds couldn't really follow the rules, but did have fun making wacky monsters with the cards and matching it with the twisty tower. The cards were flimsy - would be better as cardboard instead of cardstock. They should also be square to make them easier for little folk to collect in a pile.

Mireille S.


A hit! Fun! Fun! Fun! A really cute game. The rules are easily adaptable for every player. You can match the full monster, or mix and match them. The best part about this game was the length of play. A game lasts under 10 minutes. For today's parents who are always crunched for time but look for bits and pieces of quality time whenever possible to spend with their kids, this is your game! You can easily play one of these before making supper, or running off to soccer practice! A quick, fun game, where the whole family can play.


Manufacturer Description

Silly mixed-up monsters twist and turn - a fun approach to matching and colors. Choose from two levels of play.

Model Number

LER 8700

Year Introduced



  • 18 self–checking monster cards (6 each of heads, bodies, feet)


  • Offers 2 ways to play—match colors or make a mixed–up monster