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UberCutter Construction Craft Kit


Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $39.99

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A fabulous little device that safely cuts Popsicle sticks, straws, leather, small dowels, scrap-booking material and lots more with a crisp, precise splinter-free edge – and at a variety of common angles. Its great for crafting, and the cut Popsicle sticks also work with UBERSTIX construction toy components to enhance building fun. The Ubercutter is also sold on its own, but this craft kit is a nice introduction to show kids what they can do with it.




The Uber cutter works very well. It cuts very smoothly and is easy to work with. The instructions for the stuctures were hard to follow at some points.



This is a cool toy to use.  I liked cutting the popsicle sticks and making creations with them.  I want to try making many different things with this cutter.



The Uber cutter works very, very well. It is easy to use, cuts to any size, and cuts very well. I like that it cuts angles and kids can't stick their fingers in and cut themselves.


Rhonda M.


I loved the concept of this toy.  Spencer loves to build things out of popsicle sticks at school so I thought this would be a great toy for home.  I loved the ease of cutting and the clear cut that the toy makes.  I can see this toy being used for many projects for years in our home.

Joyce S.


The ubercutter is an extremely handy tool for cutting popsicle sticks. The cuts are clean, easy and can be done on many different angles (with guidelines provided). My kids school builds popsicle stick structures in grade 7 and something like this would work wonders instead of using scissors which hurts the hands and dulls the scissors. It's useful having the craft kit as it provides ideas on what can be done as well as giving all the supplies to do it with.


Manufacturer Description

The UbercCutter delivers precise straight cuts common angles and everything in-between. Professional hobbyists will appreciate the UberCutter for its accuracy and kids can finally cut materials safely and complete projects by themselves start to finish! Cuts: Popsicle and craft sticks Uberstix straws foam core cardboard wire paper and MUCH MORE!

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