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UNO® Card Game (2013 refresh)

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 7 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $6.99

MSRP (USD): $5.99

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Enjoyed by families for almost 40 years, Uno plays like an extreme version of Crazy Eights. The aim: Be the first player to get rid of all your cards. Easier said than done! The specialized cards ensure frequent changes of fortune that make everyone a potential winner right to the very end. NOTE: The only difference between this updated deck and earlier versions is that the graphics are a bit more sophisticated, featuring shadings rather than simple solid colours.




This is a great game for our family and we play it a lot on family game night. It is easy and fun and we don't have a hard time setting it up. We play right after dinner and you don't even realize how long we have been playing. it is so much fun.



Uno is more fun than crazy eights. There are more cards that are different, which makes the game better. I like that you have to reduce the number of cards you hold in your hand, and I like the switch direction cards, the pick-up more cards and that you have to count down - i.e. once you finish your cards you have to go to the next round of cards (one less than the hand before). I like when I get 3 plus 2's and one plus 4, because whenever my sister or my mom put out one of them on me, I make them pick up a ton of cards. It's a fun game.



I love this game. It's fun to play, and I can beat my older brother sometimes. But we also tried the Uno Power Tower game, and I like playing that one better.



I like playing the +4 card but I really don't like it when I have to pick up 4 cards.



I like when I get 3 plus 2's and one plus 4 because whenever my sister or my mom put out one of them on me, I make them pick up a ton of cards. It's a fun game.



I like UNO, even if Mom says it's an old game. It's a lot of fun. The best is when you can give someone else the +4 card, even if they only have one card left, they have to pick up 4. It makes it hard to guess who will win. I also like that I can play this on a school night because the games aren't very long.


Marc T.

It is a decent game, but just like crazy eights. I am not sure why you would buy this instead of just playing crazy eights with a normal card deck.

Laurie T.

My kids (9 and 12) have and will continue to play with grandma. A good activity for that, although grandma feels that they rules are too complicated.

Mike R.

I consider UNO one of those must-have games. The cards are easy to understand as our the rules. Our 5 and 7 year olds and their friends enjoyed and had little trouble playing on their own. For existing game owners looking for an 'update', there's nothing new here.

Orietta M.

I loved this game as a kid and now it was a great way to introduce my kids 8f, 6m to this game. We all enjoyed playing it. Back to the classics without any batteries and good old fun.

Julianne B.

Great classic game, good game for the entire family to play. The game got a lot of use during the entire testing period. The rules were easy to understand for both parent and child. The cards are sturdy and stood up to multiple playings.

Mireille S.

Uno is a classic! It was fun then and it's still fun now. It's an affordable game, it's compact and easy to take along anywhere, the rules are simple and more importantly, it provides good entertainment for all ages. I liked playing this one when I was a kid and now I can enjoy playing with my own child.

Sylvie S.

Same old classic game I remember and still just as much fun now as it was then.

Joyce S.

I hadn't played this game for over 20 years. It was fun then, and still fun now. While similar to crazy eights, it has a few more ways to make someone pick up and change colour.


Manufacturer Description

Easy to pick up... impossible to put down. UNO card game is #1 for family fun.

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  • 108 cards


  • Use the Action Cards against your opponents