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UNO® Power Grab™ Game

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 7 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $14.99

MSRP (USD): $13.99

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Our testing families loved this new twist on the classic UNO game - in fact, most say they even prefer this to the original version! Collecting Power Cards and stealing towers allows one more way to rid yourself of cards. The only downside to this game is lack of easy storage - most families just used a zip-lock bag to keep all the pieces together. 




I really like this game. It is neat how we can play the game with the family and everyone has fun. I like both this game and the other simple [original] version. I like this one because you get to build towers and play with the cards.



I really like this game, sometimes I loose, sometimes I win. I like the take two tower card because it helps me win.



I like how tricky the game seems, even when you think you are going to win something changes and you end up losing.


Mike R.

This game was a fun rehash of UNO. The kids enjoyed grabbing the towers from each other, and they much preferred this to the regular card game. The biggest problem they had was knowing which special 'power' each tower had. The markings are not clear.

Julie J.

The kids (F5 & F7) LOVED stealing power towers from the adults, was definitely their favourite part!

Sylvie S.

Nice twist on an already great classic game! the difference between this and the original game is the added "power cards" which give you the opportunity to grab a "power tower". If you get all 4 towers, then you get to discard all of your cards except for one, making it easier for you to win the game. It's fun, easy to understand and each round lasts no more than 10 minutes. The kids love it and it's also fun for the adults to join in. My daughter was just turning 7 and had no trouble understanding the concept of the game, nor did she find it hard to play although it was hard for her to keep tally of the points. She will be in grade 2 this year and counts to 100, but for her to count and add points to 500 seems impossible at this point. But she loved playing and so did everyone else. Of course she still needs to play much more before she "gets" when is best to play which card but that will come with time.

Orietta M.


Games like these are hard to find. Finding games that do not require batteries and you can play together with the family and have fun are few so when I find one that everyone loves it is definitely a keeper. This rather simple game is a family hit and keeps us on our toes for a significant amount of time.

Tara R.


A fun twist on the classic card game. We started calling it "Survivor Uno". Both boys, 5 & 7 had no trouble learning to play, and really enjoyed it - played several hands over the course of a couple of days. We didn't bother with counting points. One major drawback is storage. There is no lid, or easy way to keep everything in the tray. I've put it in a ziploc to keep it all together. Some "loopholes" in the rules: if you lay claim to all 4 power towers for instant UNO, where do you discard your cards to? We put them at bottom of discard pile, but there was some debate... Also, rules weren't specific (or if it was there, we missed it) on whether you could match the "U" power tower, or just number and colour on individual power tower cards. Went with no, but the question did come up.

Mireille S.

The extra challenge of "stealing" towers adds a whole new dimension to the already fun UNO game. There are extra rules to remember, and storage can be a pain, but overall provides good value for money.

Orieta M.

This rather simple game is a family hit and keeps us on our toes for a significant amount of time.


Manufacturer Description

It's still the "Fast Fun for Everyone!" card game you know and love. UNO Power Grab™ adds a twist with the Power Towers, which spell out "UNO!" in the game's bright primary colors. Collecting all four towers during a round gives the player an automatic shortcut to "UNO!", adding a new layer of strategy to the familiar game.

Object and Gameplay

The object of the game remains the same – get rid of all your cards before everyone else. Match the number, color, or type of card, to play; use a wild if you don't have a match; play an action card to steal a Power Tower; or draw from the pile until you get a card you can play. When you own a Power Tower, you can block an action card played against you if you have the right tower.

Points and Winning

Each of the cards has a point value, and when you go out first, you get all the points from the cards left in your opponents' hands. Then you shuffle and deal a new round. The first player to 500 points wins the game. And the Power Towers add an extra element of surprise and excitement to the quick card play.

What's in the Box?

The package includes a 112-card deck, four Power Towers, discard tray/storage unit, and instructions.

Earn points from other players when you go out first

Collect and steal Power Towers to block action cards

Collect all four Power Towers to get an instant “UNO!”

Reach 500 points to win the game

Model Number

Item #: Y2316

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  • discard tray/storage unit