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UNO Roboto™ Game

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 7 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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Despite that the robot is sometimes a little difficult to understand, our testers loved this UNO game. In fact, they're learning to stay a little quieter while playing. They loved making nick names for each other and the way the robot directs the game. ALso taht you can input your families own special challenges. Great game!




This Uno is so much better that the other Uno game we have. I like the robot. When I got to change Olivia's name, I said that she was a stinky face! The rules are the same as Uno the card game but more fun. I always win the challenges. Sometimes the robot is hard to understand.



That was so much fun! It was so funny that you could give each player nick names. I liked that the robot said each step so you wouldnt forget. I think that it is a good beginner game for UNO because we didn't know what UNO was, and now we know and it was easy to learn.



This was a cool robot and I liked that you could record your names and it tells you when it's your turn. It also has extra things that change the game like switching cards with other players. It would be better if it were more understandable because it was hard to understand what the robot says. I would also like if you play a card or you pick up or someone else puts a skip and you press the button so the robot knows that you had a turn so that it kept track of the turns better. I still like playing with the robot!



It's a fun game.  you record your name and then the Robot says your name is a funny voice that you have to do sometime different.  At any point the Robot can say: Geneviève give 2 cards to Andrew.  I won't give it a 10 because it is hard to understand what he says sometimes, we have to get everyone to shush and repeat it.



I really like Uno, but I dont really get it, I was lost during the game, it was my turn then the Robot said it was Sebastien's turn, but it was my turn!  I don't get it. I like to play uno without the Robot



don't understand what he says so I keep loosing ( at challenges ) I like playing without the robot.  He only speaks in english too.



I love robots.  This one is different and really creative, I like that the cards on top of his head.  I would love to see one that the cards would come out of the belly, the would be funny.  I like that I can tape my name and it comes out as a funny voice.  We don't really meed the robot to play the game, it just is fun to have him.



It was a lot of fun. The directions are easy. I think its cool that you can record your name and the robot tells you whose turn it is. The UNO can help you learn the game Uno if you are just learning for the first time. You get to make up a house rule and it is very funny to watch people have to dance around or jump or whatever you made the house rule to be.



I don't understand what he says so I keep loosing ( at challenges ) I like playing without the robot



I like that when it's somebody's turn and they have an Uno, then the robot says it's someone else's turn instead and they don't win. It doesn't keep track of skipping cards or reversing or picking up cards. I like that you can make your own funny rules and I can make a nickname for my brother because I called him 'ooggaappooggaa' and the robot called him that!


Jennifer L.

We had such a great time playing this game. We set up the robot on top of a wooden box on the table so that we can hear its commands better and the kids are getting used to being quiet while it talks. I have yet to change the <demo> batteries that come with the game and the game still works fine. The kids excitement is still very high and they have requested that we purchase this one. This is something i think we will be playing for years as a family.

Jo M.


We love Uno Robot!!!!! Our family loves Uno and the added twist of the Robot is awesome. The first time we read the instructions to set up the game it seemed complicated but once we went through the process it was easy and the kids could do it too. The house rules are a great component. The Robot throws a fun twist into the game but doesn't take away the fun of playing the Uno we love.

Kendra D.


We love this game.  I do wish the robot was a little clearer in his instructions but this little guy will be played with for years

Rebecca Y.


A cute variation to the classic Uno game! We had a fun with it since you can add your own 'house rules'. We weren't sure whether the robot was supposed to be keeping track of whose turn it was, but it was always off from what we thought and I kept on missing my turn! It's often hard to understand so we needed to use the 'repeat' button very often. A fun twist on Uno!

Marie-Lise H.


Uno is a really fun game and this little robot brings it to another level.  At last a game where you have to be quite.. the little robot gives orders that you have to follow, it is sometimes really cute.  You need to record your name to play and the robot will say random orders, like: "  Kaï,  give all your blue cards to Sébastien."  the only thing is that our voice comes out like we are on helium, very squeaky like the chipmunks,  so it's kinda hard to understand. you just need to speak clearly and slowly.

Depending on what child was playing it would impact our game, the younger child could not understand what the Robot said and he kept loosing the challenges so he quit playing


Manufacturer Description

UNO Roboto™ game meest the Interactive Wild Card that brings UNO to life!Customizable game play begins with recording each player's name and creating a totally unique "House Rule". As you start playing cards into the head of this unpredictable little robot, he'll surprise you by calling out random rules and funny phrases that change the way you play! He'll call on you by name and tell you what to do next! He'll announce your House Rule then everyone must race to complete it! You never know what UNO Roboto will say next... but no matter what he says, you still have to say "UNO!" 

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  • UNO Roboto™ unit


  • Also includes classic UNO 108-card deck