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Most of our testers found the early puzzles quite solvable - if not a bit easy. But some of the later set ups required even our testing parents to work at them, giving this puzzle set a good variety of challenges. 

The first 25 "Phase One" challenges are basically Sudoku-style puzzles: no row or column can have more than one of each colour building. The twist, is that there is also the added dimension (and constraint) of four different heights - which makes the task a little more challenging. Fortunately, hints are given to identify how many (heights of) buildings can be seen from the perspective of each row or column. Using these clues, along with pre-set building placements, a good deal of the challenge becomes solving a logic puzzle, leaving less need for the  trial and error approach many puzzlers use to solve Sudoku challenges. In the final 25 "Phase Two" puzzles, buildings can be placed anywhere. This turns the puzzle into a rather difficult logic challenge as you've now lost all the Sudoku and height clues to let you know when you're working on the wrong configuration. In this phase, instead of being clues, the numbers indicating how many buildings can be seen (height-wise) from each of the 16 "viewpoints" becomes the puzzle itself.




I had fun playing it and could do a lot of the challenges but it's a little hard to learn.



This is kinda fun, I have to imagine I am walking in a big city and looking at buildings.  The puzzles are not that hard to solve, you just have to think about it a little



I really like it.  I like that there are different ways to figure out each row.  It's challenging cause you have to really think to do it and I like that.



The challenges do make you think hard, but it is not frustrating. I like that there are two levels with different instructions.


Rebecca Y.


Definitely one of the best brainteaser games I've played! I like the tip to turn the buildings to the larger doorway for the buildings that you are 'sure' of while you play around with the other ones, so you don't mess up the whole board while trying to solve it. I love that there are 2 different types of challenges (Phase 1 and Phase 2), so it makes you think a whole other way and keeps you on your toes. The earlier challenges are quite simple, but I was definitely challenged in the later ones, so this has appeal for a wide variety of ages.

Jennifer B.


another great game by this company. Very good quality. The kids and adults enjoyed playing. I sat and watched but could see how the game kept their attention, challenged them and allowed for more than one player. Easy to store. A few more pieces to worry about losing, Still, pretty compact and easy to store and travel with.

Joyce S.


We really enjoyed this one.  Kind of like sudoko but with different twists.  The challenges built nicely and two different types of games. 

Marie-Lise H.


Different type of a brain teaser, it reminds me a little of Sudoku.  you really need the cards to be able to play,this is not the type you can just move pieces around. Depending on the angle or the view, you have to meet certain criteria to solve the puzzle .  I enjoyed playing it. 

Krista M.


We liked this game. It was a different concept and I liked the 2 different variations. I found the first levels very easy, and don't think it would have a very long term appeal as once you figure out the order of the buildings, it is so easy to remember the answer. This would be great for younger players, but not so much for adults.


Manufacturer Description

Welcome to UTOPIA, the city of the future! 

The Goal: Build a 3-D model of each cityscape challenge. You won’t have to worry about building codes or permits, but you will have to use logic to place all sixteen skyscrapers on their correct building pads. Get it right, and you can run for mayor. Make a mistake, and you’ll have to call in the demolition team! 

The Challenges: The fifty cityscape challenges are divided into two building phases. The rules for PHASE ONE are similar to SUDOKU. The rules for PHASE TWO are harder and require more reasoning (logic). The challenges in each phase start easy and increase in difficulty. 

If construction comes to a halt, don’t panic. The solution to each cityscape is on the back of each challenge card. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your hardhat and start building!

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