Age: 8 years and up

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A superbly designed game that introduces a whole new way to move game pieces, which in turn offers unique new movement strategies to discover. At first glance, the pieces move almost like magic. After all, how can the same piece be moved by two different wheels? Looking closer, each position on the board has interlocking prongs from two different wheels that enable the piece to be raised and moved independently by two different wheels. As well, the game pieces have raised undersides that hold them securely in place ensuring easy movement without frustrating slips. The rules are straight forward, with a quick start guide to introduce the first Chines Checkers style game. The game is fun and challenging enough play with the the sole goal of being the first to relocate your pieces on the opposite side of teh board. But additional rules add to the challenge and further strategic interest. For example, players make only move towers they control, and only two towers per turn. As well, a second booklet introduces variations for more advanced play, keeping this game strategically interesting. A fabulous new game!




This is very different then other board games and has a fun kind of strategy. I like how the game board works to spin the pieces to get across the board. I liked how the pieces fit nicely in the board so they wouldn't fall out. When we first played we didn't realize that a single turn of the spinner counted as a move. Only later as we reviewed the rules more did we realize that - we thought you could spin the spinner as much as you wanted for a turn. I tried a few different game types and liked the normal rules best. It was easy to get a good idea about how to play the game and come up with a strategy. You could try to block the other players or just go for the win. I liked thinking through the strategy involved to try and win. I also liked just playing with the board and trying to make patterns with the pieces.


Allison M.

This is a very interesting strategy game. You can decide to focus on foiling your opponents, trying to win or a combination of both. My son (11) tended to have a different strategy then my husband or I and he tended to win more often than us, even though during the game we sometimes weren't sure what he was doing. The different variations of the game were great and the mechanism of the board was fun. It was also fun to just put pieces on the board and try to make different patterns and designs by spinning the board around. The game was easy to learn but the strategy involved was really interesting and takes some time to develop. It was a great educational toy for planning ahead and strategic thinking. The design of the toy was different then anything I had seen before. The board mechanism was great and worked really well. This was one of the top toys we tested - my son loved playing this - it was educational - it was beautifully designed and fun to just look at and move the pieces around.


Manufacturer Description

Vortex is the fun board game to play with family and friends. Place the routers and the controllers and try to be the first to get to the other side of the board. The basic game (Crossing and the variant Crossing Advanced) can be played by 2 to 6 players. For younger players (6 years and older) Cat & Mouse is a perfect game. When you prefer to play single, you will find Solitary quite challenging.

Model Number

TRI 101


  • Board

  • 19 Towers

  • 49 White Routers

  • 48 Colored Routers

  • 49 Controllers