Age: 4 years and up

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The caterpillar and dice are fun to play with. I like throwing the colored dice with different patterns, and how the colored caterpillars can move across the board. It is similar to snakes and ladder toy but there are no snakes in it which bite....The caterpillar moves slowly and I can play with my sister and mom this game. It is difficult to move the caterpillar on the board...It moves easily on the floor. I wish the track was longer and more interesting.



I like the snails and I like changing the track. It's intersting how the snail spins - I've never seen that before. I like rolling the dice. Sometimes I don't roll my colour and then I have to wait and wait and everyone else wins. Sometimes the track puzzle pieces lift up and don't stay where I put them and then the snail doesn't roll over it properly. I can set it up myself so I like that.




I liked the the snails and collecting the trinkets was fun. Alysa (F4.

Alanna F.

I found this toy boring and my daughter (4) only played it once, but she liked rolling the dice and rolling the snails and thought it was fun to pick up the trinkets. I believe a 3 year old could play the game with some assistance, but a child over 5 or 6 might be bored. While our sample toy did not break, I found that the quality of the game board and it being cardboard made me worry that the pieces were going to break. The way the board comes together in a t-shape allows for those corners to pull up each time and could cause breakage. The other pieces are durable and I have no concerns with that. Also, it would be nice if the instructions came with more detail on how to assemble additional game board patterns as here are so many extra corner pieces and limited patterns.

Wendy K.

It's a game that my kids generally refer to as "boring". My 5 year old loves pretty much all board games, so she will play this one, but it's definitely not high up on her list. Although it's a fun idea that the kids can choose a different track each time, the track really doesn't hold together so well as the kids are pushing the snails. Also, there just isn't really so much to the game. My 7 year old played once, and that was enough. He called it boring. My 5 year old played it a few times (with me and with her friends), but generally, when she's in a mood to play a board game (which is quite often), she'll choose a different one. My three year old enjoys putting the track together and then she puts the game away. She has no interest in playing it at all. My kids liked switching up shape of the track. They really liked the podium as well. That's a cute touch. I am really not impressed by the tiny cardboard pieces - at least if they were a hard plastic, they'd be much sturdier and easier to keep track of. The podium (which my kids really liked for its novelty) is also very flimsy. I don't really see the point of it. The actual track itself seems to be of good quality and the snails are great.


Manufacturer Description

Ready, Set, Roll! The Great Snail Race has begun and the snails are all ready to go, eager to slide down the garden path. But not so fast! The path to victory is speckled with trinkets and treasures no snail can resist! On your turn, roll the dice, push your snail, and count its shell as it spins around. The fastest snail will win the game as long as it collects one of each trinket on his way to the finish line! The adorable snails will help young children develop their dexterity and counting skills, and a build your own track option ensures that each race is different and just as fun as the last. Skills: Fine Motor, Early Math

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Item # 04100

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  • 18 Pieces of Track