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VTech 3-in-1 Learning Zebra Scooter


Age: 18 to 36 months

MSRP (CAD): $44.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

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A very popular ride-on with our testing families. Parents loved that it was easy to transform between modes, and the kids loved everything about it, especially all the  buttons to push and lively music. But the most popular feature was the basket at the front: our testers loved putting things in and out of it, as a seat to give their doll a ride, and keeping snacks handy for in-transit nibbles.  




 Vroom, vroom!  *Claps*  *moves side to side when music plays* Repeats animal sounds. 



 I like the scooter!  I have a basket to put toys in and we can make it loud. 


Tammy W.

What an amazing little ride-on this is! There are so many buttons to press and choose from, and various learning modes. It has quickly become Carleigh's (F18m) favourite toy! A lot of the fun Carleigh has with the toy is placing things in and out of the basket - especially snacks and her doll to take it for for a ride!

Caroline S.

My son (M2) never lost interest in this toy for the entire time we had it at home. The fact that its settings can change as a child grows adds to its long-term appeal. Well worth the price!

Annie D.


When we first picked up the scooter, my son was only 14 months old and did not quite understand what to do with the toy besides pressing the buttons.  However, after pushing him around for one month and showing him what he can do with the scooter, he could not get off of it.  He understood how to move around with the scooter and his fun was racing with his little cousin who has a similar toy.  Therefore, I find the age requirement appropriate as younger then 15 months (in our case) is too young to use this toy to the fullest.  Hence, this was a great toy for one month that was used almost every day. 


Manufacturer Description

The 3-in-1 Learning Zebra Scooter converts easily from push walker to ride-on to scooter.The zebra's mane features five light-up buttons that teach colors, animals and destinations. Also features horn button, three modes of play and volume control switch.

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  • Five light-up buttons teach colors, animals and destinations