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VTech MobiGo Touch Learning System


Age: 3 to 8 years

MSRP (CAD): $69.99

MSRP (USD): $59.99

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It's the touch screen that makes this toy so great. It's a far more intuitive way for kids to interact than pushing buttons to get things done. And VTech puts the touch screen technology to good use. Kids trace lines, touch moving spaceships, and move icebergs with their fingers - all great fine motor challenges that help develop pre-writing skills. We also love the physical styling of this unit. It's really, really cool how the screen pops up to reveal the keyboard - and a QWERTY one at that. It is a very comfortable unit to hold and play, and it's nice that the screen stays propped at a comfortable viewing angle, whether you're holding it or resting it on your lap. The basic game package included offers a good selection of activities - all fun to play, and each offering it's own learning opportunities. Six games in all. The duck "shooting" gallery has kids find and press letters on the QWERTY keyboard. Space Challenge practices number sequencing (single number and series). Fantastic Forest is a great little game where kids trace lines to get the squirrel through the forest. In Music Maestro, kids get to tap the lit up piano keys while listening to a selection of different background tunes. Wild Fun is all about finding the tiny differences between almost identical animals. And our testers' favourite, Ice Escape, is a sliding maze where kids melt snowballs at the touch of a finger and move icebergs to make a path so the penguin can get to the testy fish. A fun and fabulous hand-held on-the-go electronic learning toy.




This is a really great game.  I have never seen it before.  I didn't need anybody to show me how to use it and it was so much fun.  I liked the music games the best.  It was fun how you can use the screen to make music.



I really like this. It is fun - I like the games. I like this game because I get to touch the screen and play. It's different. I like it better than my Leapster and sometimes even my (Nintendo) DS. It only comes with one game cartrdige, but there are a lot of games with it. I also really like it because the keyboard comes out and it's like I am working on a computer. I have never seen this before. One game is hard because you have to use the keyboard and I don't know where all the letters are.



I love my game. I like the penguins. It is fun.



Be careful not to sqwish the penguin when you move the blocks. He needs to eat his fishy so he can grow up to be a big mommy penguin.



My favourite is the Penguin game.



I like the computer because it is little. But Mackenzie does not give me much time to play with it.


Kim M.


The Mobigo seems like a cross between an Apple i-touch and Nintendo DS, but for younger children.  The touch screen and keyboard is what makes it innovative and appealing to all of the young testers.  A great toy for learning and keeping the children entertained.  With only 1 game pack included, it has kept the testers interested for much longer than expected. 

Luisa D.


Lucas loves playing along with the 'easy' level games - very interactive and engaging. Only complaint is the volume could be louder (even at max level)

Orietta M.


This is a great little system. Both my children find it easy to use and enjoy working on this little computer. They figured out how to achieve success with the games independently. I was quite impressed at how they mastered the games. It is great because it is portable and there are learning opportunities, ie. letter identification, deductive reasoning, etc. I like how my children share the game. My 5 year old readily explains to her brother (3years) how to achieve success with various games.

Mireille S.


Still a favorite after almost a month of play. Ryan is always looking for this one. Great for portability too. We've taken it on car rides, excellent to keep little guys (and gals) busy on a trip to the grocery store, and so much more! I highly recommend this one. The touch screen feature makes it so simple for younger kids. My son is 4 and loves to touch everything. This game is perfect for him. He can select, drag and do just about everything else at the touch of a finger. Not a cheap toy, but I would consider this one worth the investment. It's hard to find game that are appealing to kids and have a certain educational value. This one has both.

Jennifer K.


Mackenzie loves this computer. It has kept her occupied for endless hours. She constantly amazes me in how she is able to play the games and work the computer.

Julie J.


To me it seems easier for our almost 5 year old to master this toy compared to her Leapster. I think the touch screen learning is more intuitive to her rather than trying to push buttons to get things to move in the right direction. Our 3 yera old has no interest in it whatsoever but our 4.5 year old asks to play every day. There seems to be lots of leeway to grow with this toy as kids get older. Still trying to figure out how to use the QWERTY keyboard, Madeline has not figured that part out yet.


Manufacturer Description

Combines popular touch screen technology with important early learning games that develop pre-school skills such as math, language and logic for 3- to 8-year-olds. Children can explore a world of learning through the interactive games, coloring book pages, drawing and playing instruments on MobiGo with the touch, tap and flick of their fingers. In addition to the touch screen, MobiGo has a QWERTY keyboard so older children can develop early typing skills. An initial offering of 11 popular licensed MobiGo games are uniquely designed to ensure that even when children are engaging in “play,” they are still developing the skills that are the bedrock for learning. MobiGo also comes with a free cartridge that holds seven learning games. VTech designed MobiGo to grow alongside kids; an online store launching in July will host free games and content available for quick and simple download onto MobiGo. Additionally, each time a child's MobiGo is connected to a PC or Mac their scores are automatically uploaded to their parent's registered account. Through this account parents will be presented with a useful overview of how their child is progressing through key learning curriculum, all of which are tailored to his or her age grade. Requires 4AA batteries or AC/DC 9V 300mA adaptor (neither included).

Model Number

Model 80-115800

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