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VTech Switch & Go Dinos® Jagger the T-Rex™


Age: 3 to 8 years

MSRP (CAD): $79.99

MSRP (USD): $69.99

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I like that you tell it to do stuff, especially firing the drill. Sometimes when it was driving as a truck there were some pieces that came down, like it was trying to transform into the dinosaur. It should be able to go on the carpet, but it can't. I think the horn they should make it quieter, it was even annoying for me. I still liked it but it's not my favourite. I would give it a 5 or 6.



I like this toy when it's a dinosaur and when it's a truck too but he never understands me. I always have to say the same thing over and over. I still play with him but I like pressing his buttons more than telling him what to do


Krista M.

This is a fantastic toy! It transforms from truck to dino very easily and locks in well. There are a lot of commands, however we did find for my youngest daughter (F3) who doesn't have extremely clear speech that the toy did not respond well to her voice commands which got frustrating. It does need a quieter environment to hear the command well, but when he listens the kids (F5, M4, M7, F4, F6) are very excited! I like that you can push a button for voice prompts, or read the card, so it does work for a variety of ages. The missile launcher is pretty cool and works well. The crane is fun as well as the mini transformer truck/dino in the cage. The toy rolls well and the demo batteries that came with it are still going strong.

Annie D.

Its a really fun toy.. for my husband !! My 3 year old son really likes it, too, but gets frustrated as the toy doesn't understand the commends my son is giving him (because its not clear and loud enough). It recognizes more an adult voice. It is also heavy and hard to change from T-Rex to truck. He play often with this toy but with the assistance of my husband, who is having alot of fun with it. Therefore, I think the age would be more appropriate for 5-8 year olds.

Jennifer F.

This was a toy that was played with constantly when first opened, but once all the voice prompts are mastered, I think it was a little bulky for "other" just free play. My kids M5 and M7 enjoyed directing the dino/truck for many short periods of play. I liked that the command prompts were printed on a sturdy piece of cardboard the kids could carry around with them while they played, and also printed on the bottom of the truck in case they get lost. There were enough variety of commands the kids were interested in this toy for quite awhile (12 commands for each truck and dino mode)It was played with for 15 minutes, left, come back to in an hour, they'd tell it to do something for a few minutes, leave, repeat. It was something they did want to show off to other kids/people, like it was a pet dog that had cool tricks. M5 and M7 thought the voice command control was very cool, but beyond that, the toy was not incorporated into play with other toys. Although they loved playing with this toy, the actual active playtime with this toy was quite low. I was not as impressed with this toy as my kids. The voice command was often unable to understand their commands, and as a result they would speak louder and louder. The move forward/backward option would only work on a smooth floor surface.


Manufacturer Description

Transforms from a super-cool construction crane to a fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex in just a few simple steps. Combined with voice recognition technology, this toy dinosaur is one of the coolest Switch & Go Dinos® yet! Play in truck mode with an awesome rotatable toy crane, a mini-transforming bulldozer, a voice-activated launcher-fired drill bit and realistic crane sound effects. Switch to dinosaur mode to see Jagger's animated dinosaur eyes and his powerful stomping feet. Jagger even recognizes and responds to 24 specific voice commands. Say “Roar with me”, and hear him roar with his voice-activated motorized jaw. Sound effect buttons emit realistic dinosaur sounds and phrases that teach pre-historically awesome dinosaur facts! He’s one of the biggest dinosaurs to roam the earth, and with his crane, now he can move the earth too!

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  • Jagger is 16” tall and the biggest of all the Switch & Go Dinos®