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VTech V.Reader


Age: 3 to 7 years

MSRP (CAD): $69.99

MSRP (USD): $59.99

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This electronic reader looks like a Kindle, but it displays full colour animated graphics as it reads kids 3-7 years old a story. Our testing parents loved how each word is highlighted as it is read, so that kids can follow with eyes, as well as their ears. When they're ready to try reading on their own, they can just touch the screen to hear words they don't know spoken aloud. There's even a dictionary function for unfamiliar words, and lots of games to reinforce what they've just read. Requires 4AA batteries or an AC/DC 9V 300mA adapter (not included).




This is easy to use, I like it a lot. It tells you a story and the games are fun.



I have my own iPad!



I like my computer Mommy!



I like the V.Reader- I learned to spell words like "zoo"!



The V. Reader is neat but I think it is more for younger children. I found the games a little boring. I like that it is portable.



I love my computer. The games are fun.



I like listening to the story and reading it out loud to my sister.


Dorothy C.


When we first set up the reader, I played my son the story that was on the cartridge that came with the toy. It was a story about a dog. I taught my son how to navigate the story and turn the pages, and he caught on really quickly. I watched as he got through the entire story by himself, then asked for me to play it for him again. Since I saw how much he liked it, I read all the instructions and attempted to download more stories from the internet. I got tokens that allowed me to purchase 6 stories and games. I managed to get these onto my computer, but I can't figure out how to get the stories from my computer onto the vreader!

Natalie Q.


My 3 year old is pretty hip to technology, but it is taking her quite a bit of time to learn how to properly use this toy. I think it has great potential, but at the moment she's a bit frustrated with it. On one hand, I think the simplicity of a real book is highly under-rated. But on the other hand, these computer-style books are a great way to distract kids while Mommy and Daddy are "reading" on their own laptops.

Stacie C.


Huge hit with both girls. Jillian loves that it looks like Daddy's Kobo and she has her own computer.;) I tried to explain to her how to use it but she had it figured out before I had even opened the instruction book. I like that it has the touch screen and the keys, very accessible. She is already asking if there are other books.

Jill B.


The V.Reader has excellent play and educational value- definitely worth the cost. This was a great toy to have in our house.

Jo M.


This toy has got a lot of attention from both Connor (6) and Kierra (4). They both managed to figure out how to use it on their own. They enjoy the reading but it seems like more of a toy than an educational tool. Connor was able to figure out the story by process of elimination rather than reading. The same can be said for the spelling games where it was more of a process of elimination. It is hard for me to say if in the long run it would be teaching them or if they would just be familiar with the same words and story. I looked into downloading other books but the are $19.99 which seems a little expensive. The quality of the toy is great and has withstood a lot of wear and tear. The packaging is also very appealing.

Jennifer K.


We love the V.Reader. Mackenzie has enjoyed endless hours of listening to the story "What's that Noise?" and playing the word whacker game. Using this toy has helped her gain new vocabulary and practice pre-reading skills. She has played with this "computer" continuously. I would definitely buy this toy for her and other children.

Julie J.


Other positive aspects to this toy are how portable it is, you could easily bring it to the doctor's office or in the car with you. Madeline loves that it highlights the words as it is reading from the text, so she can follow the story with her eyes as well as listening to it.


Manufacturer Description

New readers will have fun practicing their skills on this touch-and-read animated e-reader system. Young children engage with stories by watching, reading and learning. They follow along to their favourite character's voice, play reading games and view the story dictionary. Children's favourite characters come to life and help them learn with eight software options: CARS, Shrek, Dora the Explorer, Toy Story 3, Disney Princess, Disney Fairies, Scooby-Doo, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Extras for parents to join in the learning process include USB connectivity for online progress reports, reading certificates and the option to download themes and stories for their child's touch-screen reading.

Model Number

Model 80-115600

Year Introduced