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ThinkFun Inc.

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Early Feedback

Similar to ThinkFun's iconic Rush Hour puzzle, shift waves and move the boats to clear a channel and bring the red boat into port.




This is a great toy...it's a really good mind type game. The beginner cards are easy, but then it can get really tricky. I need time to think about the solution but I can get it. I liked that it was easy to carry and I took this toy to play with in different locations and always found someone to play with me. I like to solve puzzles so this was neat how you had to solve puzzles to make the boat get home. Some of it was really challenging. You can carry the toy all together and I didn't have to worry about losing pieces because it all stayed in a special pocket under the board game and it was hand size.



I like that the waves can move and that you can setup the waves in lots of different ways. You can also make your own puzzles with the waves. The level of puzzles was good and if you really were stuck you could look at the back. I liked the one boat puzzles the best. When there were more boats then there were less choices on how to move the waves. I like how everything stores in the container and that there is a card holder. The rules were easy to learn. I wish that it was faster to setup the puzzles since sometimes with setting up the waves and taking them out it can take awhile. I showed the game to some of my friends and they thought it was fun. I really enjoyed when I figured out the puzzle and got the boat to escape. I liked that sometimes you had to turn the boat around.



I like trying to figure out how to get the boat to escape. It's fun to move the boats and the water around. I even made up some of my own levels to play. I like it best with just one boat since it easier and funner. More boats is more stressful. I like playing with Rush Hour a bit better since I like playing with the different types of cars - there aren't as many different types of boats. I like setting up the puzzle and moving the waves around. The puzzles were a good level for me when there were not too many boats - when there were more boats it made the puzzle more stressful. I would like if the boats had more colors rather then just red, blue and green. I did like that you sometimes had to turn the boat around. I also liked how the boats and cards store at the bottom so you can keep everything together.



I like moving the waves and the the boats and I like that the red boat can do a 180 degree turn. It is neat that the pieces come out and flip over, although it makes it take longer to set up each challenge. Easy to understand instructions, and it [the puzzling] is hard enough to be challenging, but easy enough to solve. I like that the challenge cards start easy and gradually get harder. Our family enjoys the toy and it kept us busy. This toy reminds me of rush hour except that the waves themselves move, not only the boats. It is a little bit annoying to set up the board for each challenge card.


Joyce S.

A good solid brain teaser - fun and well made. Lots of different puzzles and the boats and waves idea is cute. Pieces stay easily on the board so don't have to worry about losing anything.

Orietta M.

Definitely a keeper. When computer time is over my son (10) reaches for this game. He loves to try to solve the boat ride without looking at the solution. He got so excited about having completed the intermediate levels. It is a great way to get the mind working and everything is so compact. When I am working on something he sits beside me concentrating on this game. It is wonderful because as much as I see the value of computer activities, I see a greater need for activities that require a more manipulative way of learning. He loves sharing how he figures out the answer. Sometimes when he is stuck on a solution we work together to come up with one. It really is a game that allows us to share moments together without the computer!! I really like the way the game is cleverly designed once you take it out of the box. You can throw the box away and everything can be held at the bottom of the game. Wonderful so that the pieces don't go all over the place. I think this game is solid. Well made and easy to handle, the pieces fit nicely into the game and the boats can move along without breaking anything. instructions are easy and simple to follow. The colours don't fade and the cards match easily to the board game. I love this toy because it is compact and I can carry with us when going to places. My son has brought it to hockey games and I don`t worry about losing pieces. Other kids show an interest in it too as my son and team mates work together to figure out the pattern of the boat to get home. Very exciting and captivating. Challenging for individual play or in small groups. A nice size and shape to the toy so it is easy to take around. The pocket to store all the pieces is well made so that it doesn't easily open and everything is contained. A great mind game and a good asset to the classroom for late primary aged children grades 3 and up. Even appropriate also for older adults to keep their minds active.

Allison M.

We have Rush Hour and so we were excited to try the wave breaker puzzle since it is like a Rush Hour for boats. The waves took awhile to setup and it would have been nice if there had been a faster way to setup the puzzle. The waves did provide lots of options for different boards since you could flip the waves different ways. The kids liked to try and make their own wave puzzles sometimes. I love the holding container that opens on both sides and stores all the boats, cards and instructions. This makes it great to not loose any pieces and keeps everything together, and also makes it a good travel toy. The rules are easy to learn and if you get stuck then the instructions on the back are easy to follow. The puzzles are fun and the kids (F7, M10) enjoyed playing with the toy throughout the testing time, but lost a bit of interest once they had completed all the one or two boat challenges and got into the multiboat challenges. They both found the ones with more boats a bit overwhelming as there were less options for moving the board. They liked just playing with the waves and trying to move the boat to different spots. Overall, we liked playing this game. It's a great learning game for logic, planning and strategy on how to get your boats to escape. I liked the pieces although my daughter thought they would have been better if they were more colorful. The age range was good as both my 7 and 10 year old enjoyed playing the puzzles.


Manufacturer Description

Shifting-Seas Logic Game. The waves are rising and you’re far out at sea in a small red boat. Your challenge: Find an open channel to your home port before the crew declares a mutiny! To play, arrange the boats on color-coded wave bars as instructed on a challenge card, then try to reach safe harbor through the crashing waves. Originally released in 1997 under the title Stormy Seas, Wave Breaker is part of ThinkFun’s All Star Logic Games collection.


  • 40 Challenge Cards and Solutions

  • 9 Boats

  • 8 Waves

  • 1 Game Grid

  • Solutions