Age: 7 years and up

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A fun kit well-designed to make these cardboard 3D robot-making projects as easy and mess-free as possible. Parents love that no messy glue is needed. The robot shapes come pre-cut and with self-adhesive tape already on the connecting tabs. Even the colour-in detailing is pre-punched, as both stickers and brad-attached add-ons. And, the fun goes on even after the crafting. The completed fleet of five wind-up robots can be "raced" or guided through a maze of your own devising. NOTE: There are little pre-cut holes where the head attaches to the body, so if you plan ahead, instead of using one of the sticky foam pieces, you can attach the robot head to its body using one of the brads - giving you a robot that can turn it's head. NOTE: The markers do work to draw directly on the robot bodies, although it may smudge a bit if touched before the marker dries. And interestingly, you can wet the drawing slightly to remove a mistake, at least for a short while after.




I like the idea of being able to decorate your own robots. When you are done you can have a robot race. They are fun to colour and fun to make and they turn out really cute. I like that there are alot of different things you can put on the robots.



I like the idea of making the robots but I think you should have more ways to make it your own face and arms. I liked the colors and I liked making them.



This is very original, the robots have cylinder shapes, one looks like a mailbox . We colored the accessories with markers that where in the kit. There was enough colors to work with. We could have used a black or gray marker but that was OK. I like that there where metallic stickers to add to the body, it made them sparkly. The instructions where easy to follow and the pictures where helpful. I think one of the things I like the best were the googly eyes, they could have just left us with flat eyes but they added googly eyes, that was nice of them. I named my cylinder robots Rollie and Robie.



I give it a 5 because I like to play with the robot when it was done, I did not want to make it. I did not feel like coloring or sticking thinks together. My sister made it for me. I think it's funny to see the robots hit each other in battle.



It's fun, it's cool, it's amusing! I like that we put the wind-up feet inside the box of the robot and we can make it walk. I think it's fun that we could color the eyes and arms and stuff then attach then to the robot and they move. I had never seen the inside of wind-up toys before, it's was interesting to see. The only thing that I did not like about the kit was that there where only 5 robots to do, I wish there would be more.



I liked the robot, it was flat to start with then we folded it into a box and 2 boxes made a robot. I like that he moves when we turn the crank. It's fun to have 2 robots bang together to see who stays up.


Iwona V.


At first my oldest daughter (7) was not interested in this 'boy' craft, but Jessica (3) was intrigued. We read the instructions and began assembling the robots. I had to help with them a bit, but not too difficult for my oldest daughter. Once assembled, the girls had a great time colouring them and embelishing them with stickers. They turned out pretty funny, and the girls loved their creations. Each one was unique. The girls then had robot races, to see which one would win. The play value has disappeared pretty quickly, but I think they'll pick the robots up again and race them.

Joyce S.


The robots turned out cute and it's fun winding them up. While you can colour and decorate some aspects of the robot, one of my daughters wanted to do more herself. The other daughter was happy with what they supplied. Either way, it kept them busy and they enjoyed the outcome.

Marie-Lise H.


It's amazing how the littlest things can fire up the imagination of my kids. They all pitched in to create a house for their robot. They used a big box and cut out a door then drew rooms. They spent over 1 hour making it, then the got all the robots to walk into the house, like a little parade. It was really cute.


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With a little creative crafting you can make your own whimsical wind-ups. Embellish 5 wind-up mechanisms with colorful cardboard cut outs, retro-robot stickers, wiggly eyes and mini markers.

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  • Mini brads (4 each of five colours: green, yellow, orange, purple, and light blue)