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Wits & Wagers Family

North Star Games LLC

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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The best thing about this trivia game is that you don't need to know the answers to win. You just need to be good - or lucky, at guessing which answer is closest to right. This is a fabulous game and our testing families enjoyed playing it. The only problem for Canadians, is the American content. There are of course the usual U.S.-biased questions like "How many columns go across the Lincoln Memorial." (something Americans see frequently on a $5 bill). But the real glitch for Canadians is that unlike many games that give both Imperial and metric measurements, this one only gives the inches/feet, mph, teaspoons and tablespoons, pounds and ounces, Fahrenheit, etc. And, since the game is all about numbers, that's a big deal to throw off most Canadian players' estimation skills.




A really fun game. I like that even if I have no clue what the answer is I can still make a guess and chose someone else answer. Sometimes there are questions that the younger ones know more than a parent, like for Mickey Mouse club house, or Madagascar or else Hannah Montana ( my sister's favorite ) It's always fun to know the right answer or just guess and be right. One really good thing is that there is no paper to throw out, you have a little erasable board with a marker. I like being eco friendly...they did not supply an erasure, I would have preferred that than to having to throw out tissues...OK I had given this game a 10 but now with the erasure thing I am dropping it to a 9.



It's a good game and fun to play.  I like that you get to mepples so that you can put them on different answers.  I like the questions but some of them are a bit weird.  I don't like that you can't guess over the answer.  It should be the closest.



I like the mommy and baby (meeples), they are cute.  It is really fun. The questions are so odd and random and they are not things that you think about during your everyday life.  It is stuff that is cool to know and very interesting.



I like this game.  I find that the game is over very fast.  The meeples are cool to use and the questions are fun but I still found them hard.  Even the question about the Webkins I found hard. 



I like that there are two mepples of different sizes to put on the answers.  You need to play with your own age group or else you can tell who's answer would be correct as parents know more than you. 


Marie-Lise H.


A really fun game. We had not played the original adult game, but these questions where hard enough that we did not know the answers just because we where adults. Some of then kids have a higher chance of answering correctly than us. example : How many players are on a Quiddich team in Harry Potter? Or how many songs are on the Hannah Montana movie soundtrack? I like that you just have to make a guess and than try to pick an answer you think is right, it's almost like the "Price is Right" you have to bid without going over. The only negative point to thins game is that it is quite american in it's formatting. There are quite a bit of american history or geography questions, but again you try to guess the answer so it's no big deal. The thing that makes it hard for us and the kids is that is uses the old Weight system of feet and miles and inches and ounces etc. Our kids have no idea how that works and I have forgotten how to convert them. so for questions like: How many feet and inches separate railroad tracks? We just tell the kids to pick a number from 2-10. There is no way the can have the right answer, but they can have the closest guess and still get points. A fun thing I noticed it that even other people who are not playing want to take a guess at the answers.

Marc T.


Good game. I like the obscurity of the questions.  Not as obscure as the adult version so you may get the right answer at times.  Still has the same attractions as far as not knowing what the right answer and the ability to bet on the right answer after you see everyone else’s answers and still get points. This version may have a bigger dissparity between adults and children because there are questions that you can answer like how many feet in a mile and how wide a pitching mound is.

Laurie T.


This takes the adult version of Wits and Wagers and adds a great kid element to it.  The weeples are used as chips and add a frivolity to the game.  Also the questions are not as far fetched and some of the questions are geared more for kids like about Webkins or Disney princesses that adults may not know but kids might.  If also gives you information that is useless but can be interesting.  The game goes by very fast so can be played when there is little time.

Joyce S.


Note:  We haven't played the adult version so cannot compare the two versions. 

This was an interesting game which tests your knowledge (or ability to guess well) as well as then betting on who has the right answer.  It works well for a mixture of kids and adults.  I like that the answers are all numbers because no matter what, you will be able to come up with a guess.  It was very impressive however when my husband knew how many feet were in a mile.



Manufacturer Description

Wits & Wagers Family is the family version of the most award winning party game in history. This edition is more simple, has less down time, and is more portable that the original Wits & Wagers. It also removes the "gambling" element and has questions that are appropriate for kids and the whole family. Most importantly, Wits & Wagers Family makes use of the beloved Meeple playing piece!

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Item # NSG-150

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  • 150 Question Cards