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Wits & Wagers Party

North Star Games LLC

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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The more people are playing the more fun it is so that you have more guesses to chose from. We had fun guessing somethings like how many steps are on the empire state building... I have no idea what it looks like apart from seeing it in movies but it was still fun to guess. The questions we didn't understand we just skipped to ones we did. There are a lot to chose from. The characters on the cards are really funny to look at.



The box is right, it's a fun party game. Not only is it fun, you actually learn stuff. Sometimes it's surprising how far from the right answer you can be! Great at the campground, we didn't stop at seven rounds, basically we played until we had enough... it took quite a while.



This game is the best!! It is so much fun to write down random numbers to answer random questions. My brother always puts his bets on himself, and then always thinks he is going to get the most chips and win (but he doesn't). We brought this game camping. Usually we play as many rounds as we can, not jast seven. I didn't really get what the questions meant, but that was the fun of it.



It's very good because you can guess anything. I'd rather play closest to the number than closest without going over- I would have won a lot more! I like playing with the 1 paying out double. I also like choosing the funny people on the card.


Marie-Lise H.

We had played the original Wits and Wagers, I don't think there is any variance in this game apart from the funny characters that appeal to the kids. Most of the questions are American based. Being Canadian, we don't know much about the States, but you can always just take a wild guess anyways. The game was a great icebreaker at a family get together. Genevieve(12) is a little shy and it gave her an opportunity to warm up to her cousins (F15 and M13) and give them a starting point to a great weekend. The game is really easy to learn and frankly getting the wrong answer can be just as fun as getting it right.


Manufacturer Description

A party game for ages 8+ with zany trivia & Vegas-style betting, you don’t need to know the answers to love this party game!  All you need to do is bet on the answer you think is closest.  With all new questions and simple rules, Wits & Wagers Party will get any large group cheering and laughing.

Wits & Wagers Party comes with heavier poker chips and 250 of the best questions found in the Wits & Wagers Expansion Pack 1 (which is no longer available). The best edition to play with non-gamers, Wits & Wagers Party is bound to be a hit at your next get together.

Wits & Wagers Party is currently expected in stores this August 2012. Stay tuned for more details as we receive them!

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