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Age: 10 years and up

Production Status: Coming Soon

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Play Tested Review

Using your maze tiles, build a path on your 3 x 3 grid to access to the items shown on a separate grid displayed in the middle of the play area. The item grid is printed on a transparency which you can then lay over your completed maze to score the items your path successfully includes. Note that the game is a little more challenging than it seems at first glance. For starters, each spot on your 3 x 3 grid, has a further nine (unmarked) positions making it more like a 9 x 9 grid, which you fill using a total of nine tiles, each featuring a fixed (unmarked) ‘mini grid’. And while it makes a great solo activity, the game itself is designed as a race against other players who are all tasked with the exact same challenge. We love that the challenges get more difficult as you progress through the stories, keeping the game fun and engaging for a good long while. There’s also an opportunity to use the reverse side of your maze tiles which feature more challenging obstacles - a great option to make the task more difficult for older kids and parents, especially when they’re playing against younger children.




It has great board pieces. I really like the see through covers for the board. This is a really original game idea. The game was easy to learn and fun to play. I liked that each level was a bit different and each chapter had a story associated with it. The extras like the gems and treasure chests were good add ons. I liked that sometimes you would have challenges like using the backsides of tiles or playing with your non dominant hand. I tended to be faster than my parents at finishing the puzzle first and that gives you a bonus gem. The length of the game was good. The only thing I wish is that the sand timer seemed pretty fast.


Allison M.

This is a really great game idea. The kids (F9, M12)loved the art work and the idea of the see through map to test out if their plan worked. Both were able to enjoy playing this game, my 12 year old tended to be faster then the adults at completing his map first. I really liked the idea behind the game of having to look at the board and plan your pieces appropriately to see if you could meet all of the objectives. The scoring by putting the see through board on top of your setup to see how well your plan worked was great. Sometimes you would see that everything went according to your plan and other times you would suddenly notice a mistake in how you setup your board. This was a fun game for working out strategy and abstract thinking. Since you had to setup your board while looking at the see through map but you could not put it over your map plus you had to see if all the objectives were met in the fastest time - it was very educational in a fun setting. The stories behind the game were fun and each level and game type was a fun challenge. I liked the extras like flipping over your tiles or having to play with your non-dominant hand to mix things up. I could see how you could add expansions with more see through maps and stories. The kids loved the 3D jewels, the see through maps, the keys and treasure chest cards. The map itself and the forest pieces were well made. Everything came with appropriate storage containers to keep things neat. This game has a huge educational component of needing to quickly visualize a path that would fulfill all the criteria needed for each scenario but presented in a fun manner.


Manufacturer Description

The fabulous placement game for true heroes and those who want to be. Four exciting stories take players into the wonderful world of heroes and legends. Players must help King Arthur find his sword by creating a landscape of woods and trails. You have to escape Dracula and be faster and smarter than your teammates! In this extraordinary placement game 2 to 4 players create as quickly as possible a landscape from their forest and path maps. A printed plastic wrap is then placed on top of the landscape and shows what tasks the players can perform. Every chapter has to master new tasks. This requires a good eye and spatial imagination. Is the bad wolf hiding in the forest? Can King Arthur reach his sword and collect as many gems as possible? The players have the fate of the heroes in their own hands. For even more variety, there are the tricky backs of the maps and the master foils. This way, all stories can be experienced again and again. The laying game with four fabulous adventures and high-quality equipment.


  • 20 printed slides

  • 1 foil backing 4 player boards 52 way maps 4 game figures with feet 1 hourglass

  • 24 treasure maps

  • 22 key tiles

  • 37 colorful gems


  • Author: Daniel Fehr